11 Backyard Renovations That Will Make You Want to Buy The House

Ever feel like you want to just chill outside with the fresh air? But the backyard looks juuuust a little bit off and you want to renovate and give your backyard a makeover… Here’re some backyard patio ideas (that’ll make you want to buy the house) 😉


1. Get a book, grab a chair, have a coffee.



2. Beautiful in simplicity 🙂


3. Or, float above the ground with this floating deck-inspired patio 😉




4. Have tons of trees and greenery in your backyard? Cozy up in a luxurious getaway.


a dose of luxury


5. Who says concrete can’t work?

concrete patio


6. Green and ground can break the norms; relax in this chill-ax zone.




7. A touch of traditional for those who love classic and wood-inspired designs.




8. Make a hammock corner to curl up with a book and cup of coffee.




9. Limited space, but still want some relaxation?




10. An explosion of colours work too. Though, you might want to skip on the fire pit and place a coffee table instead.



11. Pathway to sanctuary.



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