5 Feng Shui tips you can do today for good house feng shui

Today, SPEEDHOME examines how you can use feng shui as a tool to bring good fortune and a positive disposition towards your property.

# Tip 1: Make sure your home’s entryway is entrancing

The entrance of your house represents the gateway in which all opportunities come in. By making it warm and inviting, this creates a positive and welcoming aura. Place “happy greeters” such as a fresh doormat and colourful pots of flowers to give your guests a welcome feel to your home.

#Tip 2: Arrange furniture pieces in an empowered position

Did you know that people who typically have their back against a wall typically feel more empowered? This comes from a biological response of needing to know what’s going on in the room. Positioning your furniture so you will be able to view the entire room provides a strong psychological assurance and is therefore good feng shui.

#Tip 3: Remove unfriendly furniture or sharp looking surfaces

Things that you may bump your head on, stub your toe or hurt yourself on are typically indicators of bad feng shui. They provide a gnawing psychological feeling that your household is not a safe place to be. As an alternative, replace sharp-edged furniture with those with rounded edges and remove from sight items which resemble weapons.

#Tip 4: Bring in nature

A friendly looking potted plant maybe all you need to brighten up the dull elements of your household. Realign your energy with nature and allow it the opportunity to make you feel whole again.

#Tip 5: Clutter clear

This last tip is probably the most neglected amongst the 5 but not any less important. Having an overwhelming amount of stuff to deal with sucks our energy and brings us down. Imagine your home as a metaphor for your life and it will always reflect the balance indicated.

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