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5 Rental Trends Landlords Should Know

The rental market is ever-changing, with changes to the rules, tenant preferences, and improvements in technology all contributing to it. Naturally, this would also shape the rental trends that you would face as a landlord. Here are 5 rental trends landlords should know to stay ahead of the rental market!

Technology Integration

The first rental trend that landlords should know is technology integration. Technology in recent years has played a huge role in transforming the rental market. Rental property apps like SPEEDHOME are used by landlords to help them streamline tasks, and enhance communication with tenants. On top of that, using smart home features such as keyless entry systems and energy-efficient appliances has become a prominent trend. If you were to use this, it would offer you added convenience and sustainability to rental properties.

Sustainability Practices

The second rental trend that landlords should know are sustainability practices. Tenants today are growing more and more environmentally conscious, caring about how each action may affect the environment. Awareness of environmental issues may soon spike a demand for eco-friendly housing. You can take advantage of this by implementing some sustainable practices yourself! For instance, installing solar panels, rainwater collection systems and energy-efficient lighting all contribute to being environmentally friendly. Not only will these efforts attract tenants who care about sustainability, but will also help you save costs over the long term.

Flexible Rental Options

The third rental trend that landlords should know is the rise in flexible rental options. Part of the change happening to the rental market in Malaysia includes the rise of co-living spaces and short-term leases. Besides that, the trend of remote employment in Malaysia has also shaped tenants choices in rental properties, often opting to rent apartments with co-working spaces nearby, or have home offices with high-speed internet access. You would do well to adapt as a landlord by providing flexible lease periods and having rooms that can function as home offices with a good Wi-Fi system. Doing this helps meet the various demands of tenants while creating new sources of income.

Regulatory Changes

The fourth rental trend that landlords should know are regulatory changes. You would do well to keep up-to-date on any changes to rules, regulations, or legislation that would impact the ability or process of renting out your property. These rules and regulations may impact things such as tenancy agreement modifications or rental control measures. It is important to stay informed to make sure you are adhering to these rules to avoid legal conflict and install tenants’ confidence in you as a landlord.

Tenant Happiness

The fifth rental trend that landlords should know is tenant happiness. Tenant happiness is now highly valued by landlords in today’s competitive rental market. Of course, if your tenant is not happy, why would they rent your property? If you care about your tenant’s happiness, you’d do well to put money into fitness centers, shared spaces, and swimming pools among other facilities. This can improve your tenant’s overall rental experiences and draw in stronger candidates. Furthermore, if you’re able to create a feeling of community for your tenants and encourage word-of-mouth recommendations for your rental home, this can result in increased tenant retention rates for your property.


In conclusion, there will always be a variety of developments that will change the nature of the rental market and affect the future of landlording in Malaysia. As a landlord, you ought to adapt to these shifting trends in order to succeed in property management and stay competitive. These trends include accepting technology and sustainable practices, offer flexible rental options that include remote work, being attentive to any regulatory changes, and overall increase your tenant’s happiness. Being proactive and knowledgeable can help you as a landlord navigate the constantly shifting rental market and position yourself for long-term success.

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