5 Signs that you’ve found the perfect house


Whether you are a landlord looking for a new unit to invest in or you’re a tenant looking for a unit to rent or just a buyer who just got hitched and looking around for a place to call home.


Whichever category you are, looking for the right place to call home has to be the top priority on your list. I completely hear you about your fears. In fact, many first time buyers harbor fears about making the wrong decision.


“What if it’s not in the right neighbourhood?”, “What if the house is too old?”, What if we get cheated with our money?”


        Calm Down.

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The thing that’ll hold you back from making the greatest decision of your life is when you doubt. Trust your decision, trust your gut and don’t sleep on it. The perfect house you’ve ever seen, one that fits your budget, one that satisfies all your needs might be sold right under your nose! And these situations commonly happen, you know.

So how do you trust that you have found THE ONE? Simple.


1.You’re curious to go inside

New house, new neighbourhood, the beginning of a new life! The thought of a new house just excites you so much and you just can’t wait to see what it has in store for you. Could it be this house on the left or this house by the cul-de-sac? You just don’t know what to expect.


But the minute you get into the driveway, the first thing you’ll feel like doing is to jump right out of the car and open the door to see what’s inside. This might be a sign.


2. You’re not awkward in the bathroom

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The one thing that every house owner/renter/buyer should give the most attention to are the bathrooms.


Bathrooms are your private space, and you don’t want to feel awkward in your private space. It’s personal, it’s yours. So if you stick your head into peak instead of walking right into it, the house is probably not for you.

3. You already imagining the furniture

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As you inspect every inch of the house, going through every corner, you can already visualize what furniture goes where. You already seeing it in your head like, the colour of the living room or the nursery. You can see yourself sitting by the window on a gray couch, coffee in one hand, looking out the window where the garden lush on sunny Sunday.


And as you go through each empty room, you can see yourself positioning the dressing table to get the most natural light, how your walls will be painted green instead of the current purple and the lace drapes you have been eyeing one from Ikea.

When you find yourself positioning everything in your head, this house is definitely a keeper.


4. The house fits your every need

Probably the house won’t have a big pool or a nice verandah or a garage (which might be important). However, it has all the space you need, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen with an oven and an extra room for laundry; that’s a steal!


Be flexible with other elements you want to add such as the garage or a tool shed. If you’re confident that you can work your way around the basics of the house you need, then you can say that you’re on your way into building a home.


5. Every part of your body is telling you, BUY

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Once you find the one, every gut, muscle, and cell in your body is screaming to you, BUY BUY BUY!

Of course, it’s not as simple as getting a handbag or a pair of new shoes. There will be a lot of procedures for you to follow. It’ll take a while to move in but with a “Yes”, you are one step closer to getting the house of your dreams.

So when the feeling is right, say yes to the house!


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