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7 Things Landlords Should Do To Keep The Property Pest Free

The value of one’s property, can go down terribly because of pest infestation. When it comes to your rental, it would sometimes be the deciding factor whether a tenant wants to rent your house or not.

If you have an infestation, you might constantly be dealing with complaints from them, as well as a high tenant turnover rate, which cause unnecessary stress and also will be very expensive in the long run. Also, here’s a post on how to choose the best pest control company in KL to keep your property pest free.

Before we learn some tips to fend off these pests, lets talk about why pests are such a concern in the property rental industry.

Pests can lead to property damage

Rodents and termites can easily destroy the wiring and chew through walls which can even damage the structure of the unit.

Tenant complaints and turnovers

Your tenants will not want any pests in their unit and you will be hearing a lot about it. This will make them unhappy with the living conditions and surely they move out whenever they can.

Bad for the tenants’ health

Pests carry diseases and this will endanger whoever is living in the unit. When word gets around, you would not be able to attract any potential tenants!

As a landlord, you should take pests infestation very seriously. Here are several tips for you to refer in order to prevent future pests problems.

Schedule Regular Exterminations at Your Property

Prevention is better than cure. Regular exterminations should be done as if you ever see signs of rats and insects, chances are the infestation is larger than what you can see. So, better to have a routine to stop the infestation before exploding into a bigger one which can bug you in the future. (pun intended)

Seal Up Those Cracks and Crevices

This will prevent from rodents and bugs to infiltrate your property. Make sure to check the exterior of the unit, focusing particularly on the foundation, gaps between corners and pipes, vents, windows and doors. Any cracks and crevices should be sealed as this is the gateway for pests to penetrate your units. Although it might consume some of your time, you will definitely save time and money in the future as you will not have to deal with it when things go wrong.

Set Rules About Cleanliness

Inform your tenants that it is a shared responsibility of the landlord and tenant, to take care of the property’s cleanliness, especially the common areas of the unit. Making sure the common areas are clean and trash free, by vacuuming or sweeping once or twice a week, is sufficient to prevent pest infestations.

Have Proper Waste Bins

The wastes bins in your unit should be sturdy and have proper lids on them. They should also are free of any cracks or holes. We do not want to give any opportunities to pest to make their way into our waste bins. The waster bins should also be placed away from your unit. The smell of garbage might attract unwanted creatures and this is something that we want to prevent.

Clutters Should be Removed

Piles of dirty laundry, dry leaves or even unused bricks should be removed as these provide a hiding place for pests. They can even set up a nest in these clutters! The closer the pest to your property, the higher the chances of them getting inside it.

Standing Water is a No No

If there are containers like cans and polystyrene containers with water inside them around your house, it will attract insects and rodents to breed. So it is a must to remove standing water around the property because it can be life threatening if an Aedes mosquito decides to breed there.

Have a Clear Communication with Your Tenant

The best way is to work with your tenant. Have an eye for details as you can notice things your tenant might miss. If you see trash accumulating or unwanted debris lying around, do contact your tenant immediately and guide them on how to dispose of these. It is best to also remind them that keeping the property clean can help prevent pest infestations and they can live comfortably in the unit.

These are some tips for landlords in order to prevent pest infestations from happening. It is always best to prevent such incident because it would cost so much more if you want to fix the damages done by these pests.

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