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8 Tips To Prepare Your Rental Home for Chinese New Year!

As we approach this weekend, you could almost feel the excitement as Malaysian homes buzz with anticipation while rushing to prepare for Chinese New Year (CNY)! More than mere festivity, it is also a time of reflection, renewal, and reunion. For tenants looking to celebrate in their rental space, transforming it into a festive sanctuary can be a joy yet also a challenge. Here are 8 auspicious tips to prepare for the celebrations while not breaching your tenancy agreement.

The Significance of a Clean Slate

In good traditional CNY fashion, cleaning the house signifies sweeping away ill-fortune to make room for incoming luck. You’d do best to start decluttering — undergo that purging process that’s not only therapeutic but also pivotal for creating a harmonious living space. Don’t hesitate to deep clean each room, but remember to finish before the first Day of the New Year; cleaning then is believed to sweep away the new year’s good fortune.

Incorporating Festive Colours

The colours that live and breathe CNY are red and gold. They symbolise prosperity and happiness. Injecting these auspicious colours into your decor can be as simple as adding throw pillows, bed linens, or tablecloths with those colours. These accents enliven your space and are easily changeable post-festival. 

Redecorating for Prosperity

Aside from merely changing the colour of bedsheets and pillows, decorate your space with CNY decorations! Adorn your walls with red lanterns and couplets that spell good wishes. Paper cuttings of the zodiac animal of the year, such as this year’s Dragon, add a cultural touch without permanent changes. Use removable adhesive hooks and washi tape to avoid damage to walls.

Setting the Table

At the heart of CNY celebrations are the food! These dishes embody good luck, so it is just as important to set the dining table in line with the festivities! For instance, having a red table cloth and some gold-coloured accessories can make the table look more festive and grand. Bamboo steamers, while serving as functional cookware for dumplings, can also act as festive decor.

CNY Plants and Flowers

While you’re at it, why not add one or two plants? Plants like kumquat trees and lucky bamboo are emblematic of prosperity and can be excellent additions to your rental home. For your convenience, you could opt for potted versions that require no installation and can be gifted later or planted outdoors.

Embracing Traditional Customs

During CNY itself, you ought to take part in some of the key practices and customs that are central to the festivities. Participating in customs like exchanging ‘ang pao’ (red envelopes) can foster goodwill and community spirit. If permissible, joining in safe, controlled firework displays can cap off the festivities with a literal bang. 

Safety First

Before you start going crazy with decorations, always make sure that the deco you put up are safe! In other words, always prioritize safety with decorations. Check electrical items such as any fairy lights for safety marks and avoid overloading electrical sockets. Check and make sure that all of your decorations are non-flammable and kept away from any ignition sources such as the kitchen gas stove or any water sources. 

Respecting Rental Agreements

Of course, before all else, make sure to review your rental agreement prior to making any changes to your rental home. If you’re unsure about certain decorations, talk to your landlord! Transparency is key to maintaining a good and healthy landlord-tenant relationship.


When it comes down to CNY preparations in your rental home, it is all about respecting your space and its limits while embracing the festive spirit. With a dash of creativity and some consideration, you can ring in the year of the Dragon with a celebration that is memorable while not causing your Landlord any headache they should worry about. 

Let’s celebrate and welcome the new year together with prosperity and joy! Huat ahhhh! For more tips on how to treat your rental home, look through our SPEEDHOME blog for all the advice we have to offer. 

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