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Terms and Conditions

  1. For each qualified done deal, SPEEDHOME will deposit the money into the agent’s  bank account within 14 days upon the provision of respective individual bank details via email.
  2. If the agent decides to prorate the same insurance with a new tenant, he won’t be entitled to get 40% again.
  3. Agents will be entitled to get 40% of the first month rental only after successful registration to SPEEDHOME Collaboration Program. All deals completed before filling up the form are not entitled for the promotion.
  4. This program/promotion is not valid with any other offers/discounts/promotions and is non-transferable.
  5. This program/promotion may not be combined with any other referrals program offered by SPEEDHOME.
  6. SPEEDHOME will be rewarding only agents working on behalf of landlords and actively bringing units. Agents bringing tenants will not be eligible for 40%.
  1. We reserve the right to:
  1. Change or terminate this offer at any time without notice.
  2. Limit the amount of bonus/reward you are eligible to receive.
  3. By participating in SPEEDHOME Referral Program, you agree that your participation will conform to the terms and conditions specified herein.
  4. If you are currently participating in the SPEEDHOME referral program and the preceding representations become inaccurate, you agree to inform SPEEDHOME at [email protected] immediately.
  5. Furthermore, you hereby agree that SPEEDHOME will have no liability for any cost, expenses, or damages caused by your participation in the referral program and that you will indemnify and hold SPEEDHOME harmless against any claims, action, liability, loss, injury, or damage to you or any other person or entity due in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, by reason of your participation in the program/promotion.
  6. SPEEDHOME is not responsible for any error, omission, interruption, defect, or delay in transmission, order processing, or communication; technical or mechanical malfunctions, errors in these terms, in any human-processing error; failures of electronic equipment, computer hardware or software; damage to your equipment, computer hardware or software, or inaccurate information, whether caused by equipment, programming, human error, or otherwise.

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Established in 2015, Speedrent Technology Sdn Bhd (SPEEDHOME)  combines protection and technological innovation in the house rental and property market.

Partnered with Allianz General Insurance since 2017, we provide an accessible and secure home rental platform for landlords and tenants. Landlords can secure their property with Allianz General Insurance up to RM42,000 and tenants rent with zero deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kindly visit to visit our home page, from here you will be able to find out more about SPEEDHOME and how we operate. Alternatively, give us a call on the provided numbers below:

General line: +6018 7777 650

Or email us at [email protected]

Posting your property is absolutely FREE

You only have to purchase our insurance plan after proceeding to rent out your property with SPEEDHOME. That’s the only fee you pay, so why not try us out?

Find out more at:

All you have to do is fill-up the form and start posting on SPEEDHOME. Upon successful transaction, we will ask you to contact us so we can verify the deal. Then, you will be eligible for 40% of the first-month rental.

If the tenant you brought to the SPEEDHOME decides to renew the agreement then you will get 10% of the first month rental.

This program/promotion is not valid with any other offers/discounts/promotions and is non-transferable. Also, this program/promotion may not be combined with any other referrals program offered by SPEEDHOME or with any other partnerships.

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