Aish! I Got Rejected…Again!

This is the fifth time. The fifth time that I got rejected.

My resume looks good, I dressed nice, I talked well… But what went wrong?

I asked my friend, and she said, “It’s probably because of your race.”

Wait, what?

I replied, “But race doesn’t say if you’re a good person or anything leh.”

Friend: Ya, but some people… *shrugs*

Racial discrimination is still common in Malaysia in many industries. Like, not just property rental but also in everyday life. Even in the workplace.

If you’ve read my previous post, you’ll know there have been cases of tenants being discriminated by landlords.

Malay reader and professional named Suriani Ariff* was simply looking for a house in Bangsar. After making several enquiries and only receiving rejections, she asked an agent why she was rejected.

Upon the reply, it seemed that the cause of the rejections was because of her race. Landlords who she had sent enquiries to through agents preferred a white expat or ethnic Chinese over a Malay or Indian.

And earlier in January, a WhatsApp screenshot went viral on Facebook when a couple looking for a place got their viewing appointment cancelled because they “looked like Indian or Malay”.

The annual report by rights group Pusat Komas regarding racial discrimination, comprising of 46-pages has stated that there has been a spike in racially charged public statements since the ICERD controversy in late 2018.

What is ICERD?

For those of you who don’t know, ICERD is a convention dedicated to eliminating racial discrimination and the promotion of understanding among all races. Hate speech is outlawed and racist organizations are criminalized.

Funny, isn’t it? That all of us talk about a New Malaysia but still don’t change. Aren’t we hypocrites?

But I got bad experience with them before!

Everyone has bad experiences with people. But it doesn’t mean you can just stick a giant label on an entire race.

It’d be like someone kacau-ing you about Maths cause you’re Asian and “you’re super good at Maths, right? I heard all Asians are!”. And then make fun of you about it and talk behind your back. Not nice kan?

Nah, don’t want to hire them. Too risky lah.

So let me get this straight… They got the skills, they walk the talk…but you don’t want to hire them because of their skin colour/race. Really?

Here’s a secret… Here at SPEEDHOME we have very diverse staff. Not just Chinese, but also Indian, Malay and so on… And business has grown more than 200% since the beginning.

Our CEO has only this to say:

“We talk about a new Malaysia, but we also have to change and accept others. To change a nation, the people of the nation must change.”

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