Shhhh! Look out! Behind you! Run, you are late!

Drat, another dream home escapes your grip at the very last moment? If you are wondering as a renter in Malaysia about your inability to close the deal on the rental you love, it may be because you are approaching the renting process all wrong.
(Read conventional, old fashioned and inefficient)
If you are still depending upon your friends, your appointment scheduler and a navigation map (or worse still agents – peace all, we are just kidding) to guide you to the “home of your dreams”, pull the chair up closer and read this blog. Because the good folks at SAYWA are going to change your perspective!


Be a mobile ninja of course! Embrace and make use of mobile rental apps! Dustin Moore the president of real estate solutions at a La Mode, Inc. has predicted dire consequences for those unfortunate few renters or buyers who refuse to update their methods. According to him mobile apps are the future and ideally renters should use multiple applications to help them in their quest.


The application market is literally flooded with mobile rental apps which can help with one aspect or the other of the whole renting process. But we believe the following really provide value.

Locality 101

These little apps generally give you the low down of the neighbourhood or locality that you plan on settling in. A house is just a house. It needs the grocery stores, the hospitals (yikes!) and the bus stops to become inhabitable. Locality apps provide renters with all the relevant information about the neighbourhood which so far only the really old and the really nosy would have been privy to.

School finders

If you have little ones, the distance they must commute to attend school becomes a more decisive factor than the distance of your office from the house you are planning to rent. These apps allow worried moms and dads to zero in on the best schools in the neighbourhood so that the kids have it easy.

Financial planners

These applications are life savers. They help busy families keep track of all the expenditures associated with moving into a rental- from start to finish. At SAYWA we love apps that can help you organize your life and so a big thumbs up for these, especially the nifty Pocket Financial Planner.

 Apps for foodies

We added this one on a whim. Because it is really cool that there are actually apps in the market which allow you to choose from various take out joints in your locality. Don’t feel like hustling in the kitchen on the first day in your new home? Ladies these apps will win your heart.

So there you have it, some of the best mobile rental apps in Malaysia! We encourage you to dig deep into Google and come up with exciting and useful new applications which can make renting a breeze. Know one you would like to share with us? Comment below and we will include your suggestion in the “Apps Cheat Sheet” we are creating for SAYWA subscribers.
Waaa so easy guys!

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