Building your savings for a house

Most of us can agree that saving money isn’t an enjoyable task, right?

Setting our hard-earned income aside often takes away from our social lives, hobbies, and interests. We have to cut back on ordering takeout, shopping with friends, funding our side hustles, and even splurging on morning coffee in exchange to have enough money to tuck away into our savings accounts. All for the mortgage down-payment.

Where’s the fun in that?

Well actually it can not be exhausting. Here are five ways to make building your savings account fun:

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  1. Treat your savings account as an expense.

As important as paying rent, utilities, student loans, and insurance all are, so is putting money into your savings account. Your savings should be treated as an investment. It’s something you have to do with each pay-cheque you earn. Instead of saving peanuts at the end of the month.

After you budget your income each week (or month) see what’s leftover. From there, consider setting an amount or percentage you can deduct and tuck into your savings.

Be realistic, but also be mindful. Since your savings account is an investment, you’ll want to invest a significant chunk of money into this account.

Pay yourself regularly, okay? If you do, you’ll see your account growing each month with confidence all that money is for you and you alone. What’s not fun about that?

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  1. Save the RM5 bills

Our RM5 bill is indestructible. Sometimes it ends up in the washing machine, sometimes I find it between pages as a bookmark. Occasionally I find cash in random places. Which ultimately ends up me spending it on unnecessary things. If you find yourself in a similar spot, try to save these rare treasures. RM5 adds up FAST.

Each time you find leftover cash lying around, stick it into your savings account instead of splurging on doughnuts. Your pocket will thank you for small favors!


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  1. Use apps to track money in a fun way 🙂

There are so many apps out there that help users save money. Take a look at your smartphone to see which one fits you best.

Personally, I’ve used Mint. because allows you to track your income, manage your expenses, and create your budget. It’s a user-friendly visual aid to help you see where your pay-cheques go, allowing you to map out your transactions and savings.

And most of it is free! See what other finance apps there are to compare what works best for you!


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4. Side Hustles


If you’re looking for another way to turbocharge your income, there’s nothing like picking up a side gig or a second job!

The best thing about getting a side job is that you can usually find something that you already enjoy doing. Choose something that compliments your 9 to 6 job.

Are you usually chair ridden at work? Why not try walking neighbourhood dogs as an exercise. Get healthy, play with dogs and bring in some dough? That’s a win!

Always had a heart for teaching but somehow you’re now calculating taxes? Well, now you can relive that dream. The average pay of a tutor is RM35 per hour. Spending 2 hours on the weekends with a bunch of kids and getting the feel-good spirit for giving back to the community: priceless.

Love pets? Let your friends and coworkers know you’re available to watch their cats or dogs or fish or iguana the next time they’re out of town.

It may not sound much but say you work 16 hours per week making RM10 per hour. That’s an extra RM120 per week after taxes. Keep that up and you’ll have more than RM12,400 to add to your down payment savings in 24 months.


And whist hustling and you need a place to stay, why not try SPEEDHOME. Rent with us and get deposit-free rental! (Save that deposit money!)

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