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Buying & Renting Homes Should Be Easier Now, But Is It?

Your parents always talk about how life was difficult back then. Well, they’re WRONG when it comes to property.

Buying and renting homes can be extremely difficult when you don’t do it right.

That shouldn’t be the case.

Why should buying and renting homes be easier now compared to your parent’s time? Let’s find out.



3 Reasons Why Buying & Renting Should Be Easier

1. Income Is Better

In the 90s, earning RM1200 meant that you were a big shot.

The median household income in 1995 was RM2,020.

In 2015, it grew to RM4,585.


Technically, it should be easier to own or rent a house right?



2. Loans Are Easier

Due to competition on terms from banks, it’s become a lot easier to get loans for housing.

Lower interest, easier approval and more funding schemes.

Banks WANT you to borrow money. That’s how they make money.

Fixed Rate. Variable Interest. Flexi Loans. Islamic Home Financing. There’s plenty of options you just don’t know about.



3. Government Assistance

PR1MA. My First Home. These are just some of the government schemes designed to help you own a home.

Low cost housing. More houses. More apartments. Condominiums.

Malaysia is developing fast.


So why can’t you afford to rent or buy?



3 Reason Why You Still Can’t Afford It

1. Information

You don’t know. You don’t know about the schemes available. You don’t know what you can afford.

You don’t know which loan to apply for. You don’t know where to get a place.

It’s time to do some research. You need to dig out where is the best place to rent/buy based on your situation.

Click here to start your property search!



2. Deposits

Because there are so many necessities these days, you just don’t have the cash to fork out the deposit.

3 months at least! You can afford the rent but not that deposit.

Luckily, Speedrent offers a NO DEPOSIT scheme! You can just start by paying your first month.

Curious? Here’s how it works: FAQ On No Deposit Scheme



3. Competition

Competition. There’s a lot of people trying to rent and buy the same place.

Packed areas like Mont Kiara, Damansara and KL City Center’s got increased rates because of the competition.

Supply and Demand right? Low Supply. High Demand.

It becomes expensive.

Get spoiled for choice through Speedrent. Find the best places with the most reasonable prices without getting conned by insane markups and commissions.

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SpeedRent Solves Your Problems!

So SpeedRent makes it easy for you to start renting homes.

Learn about the schemes, financing options and others from our blog!

Make sure you check out the properties and get the best prices on our site and app!

Rent your next home with no deposit and get the most value for money.




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