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Community Living: Making the Most of Shared Spaces in Rentals

If you are a tenant and you are living with roommates or housemates, you (probably) have a rewarding experience from the companionship, the opportunity to build a lasting friendship and even the benefit of sharing costs. To have such a good cohabitative connection, it takes more than just splitting the rent. There has to be thoughtful consideration when sharing spaces and respect towards one another when you guys interact. Here are some tips on how you and your roommates can make the most out of your shared rental space. 

1. Establish Clear Guidelines

You and your roommates can start on the right foot by establishing clear guidelines for shared spaces. Be sure that you guys can come to a unanimous agreement for expectations regarding the noise level from each of you, cleanliness, visitors and even some ground rules for shared spaces like the kitchen and living room. Having set boundaries from the start can help to prevent conflicts or misunderstandings down the line.

2. Communicate Openly

Also, active and open communication is vital for community living amongst fellow tenants. Effective communication between you and your roommates helps to ensure harmonious living and by having open dialogue, issues and concerns can be voiced out and resolved respectfully. A good suggestion is to have regular home meetings if there are any issues that can be solved together; or even sharing good news to bond together. 

3. Respect One Another’s Privacy

When sharing a living space with others, it is important to have respect for each other’s privacies. We all have heard of this phrase; do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Just as you wouldn’t want your roommates to enter your room without permission or violate your personal space, refrain from doing that to them at all costs. Everyone should get to feel safe and secure in their homes. 

4. Share Responsibilities

When it comes to maintaining the house in good conditions, no one can do it alone; unless you live by yourself. But with roommates, you guys can take turns and share the responsibilities around the house to keep the living conditions clean and comfortable for everyone. Have a schedule for every roommates’ tasks and rotation for chores like who takes out the trash on which days or even who’s turn it is to clean the kitchen.

5. Be Considerate of Noise

We have all seen or heard about tensions and arguments emerging all because someone or a group of people were too noisy. This can be prevented just by being aware and considerate towards your roommates and vice versa, especially during late hours or early mornings. Openly share and be mindful of each other’s schedules and activities, and try to set quiet hours. Have the courtesy to inform your roommates if you plan to have a gathering with friends over, or if you and your romantic partner are planning to “Netflix and Chill”. A heads up would definitely help. 

6. Resolve Conflicts Diplomatically

When it comes to relationships and connections, conflicts and disagreements are bound to happen. Let alone in a shared living situation. But what’s most important is that you and your roommates address and resolve these issues constructively. When a disagreement does take place, you and your roommates ought to approach it together in a respectful manner and be open to listen to each others’ points of view. That way, y’all can focus on solving it together rather than playing the blame game. 

7. Foster a Sense of Community

And finally, the best way to make the most of your shared rental space with your roommates is to foster a sense of community. Although you and your roommates are (most likely) not related, having a bond and a sense of a community can enhance your living experience. By having a sense of belonging with your roommates, you can be sure that you have people around you closely to have your back in your times of need and you will feel less lonely. Celebrate special occasions together such as each other’s birthdays and even holidays like Christmas. When you build a positive relationship with them, you guys can truly make your shared living space a home. 

Shared living can be a fulfilling experience as long as we approach it with mutual respect and courtesy for each other. By actively communicating with one another and putting aside selfish intent, the chances for misunderstanding can be greatly reduced and conflicts can be resolved positively. By following these tips, you can create a harmonious living environment where everyone feels valued and supported.

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