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5 Ways to Decorate your Rental Space on a Budget

So, you are renting a place but you’re also a creative person who has an eye for aesthetics. That doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own! Here are 5 ways you can personalise your rental to your liking, without breaking the bank.

1. Statement Textiles

You can transform your rental by adding textures using inexpensive decors such as pillows, rugs and curtains that have unique patterns and colours to your preference. If you’re someone who likes dark aesthetics, you can add black pillows or rainforest green carpets to your rental. Or maybe you’re a colourful person, you can transform your rental with pink to resemble the Barbie movie.

2. Lighting Makeover

Another way to decorate your rental is by giving it a lighting makeover. This is the easiest method to uplift your home’s ambiance. And the latest trend, especially among young adults, is using LED lights to glow up their rooms to the colours of their choice. And thankfully it is very affordable too!

3. Houseplants

Having plants is another cost-friendly way to decorate your rental. This is especially for tenants who love the outdoors and appreciate nature and the environment. If that is you, low-maintenance houseplants are your best option to make your rental cozy Or even fake plants that never wither. 

4. Thrifty Furniture Finds 

Another budget-friendly rental decor method is thrifting for your housing furniture. Nowadays thrifting is a great and wallet friendly option for shopping, even for furniture. There are plenty of online marketplaces that have good second-hand furniture that you can customise to fit your aesthetic.

5. DIY Décor

Finally, the best way to decorate your rental while on a budget is with DIY Décor. Example, let’s say you’re a cat owner. Do you see a cat stand you like but don’t have the money for? Or maybe the opposite, you can afford it but you just don’t like the design. Well if you can’t buy it, make it yourself. With so many videos and tutorials available, it is nearly impossible to find a solution to do it yourself. 

To sum it up, there are many ways to decorate and personalise your rental space, even on a budget! You just need to find the best ways and options which suit you and your preference best. Just remember, just because you’re renting doesn’t mean you can’t make yourself at home. And you don’t need to go broke in doing so.

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