Diversity, Diversity, is great and it should be

Beautiful people, stunning cultures and exotic languages – what’s not to like?

Diversity is one of the greatest assets that Malaysia ever has, and it reflects in the vibrant, colourful culture and food (cannot separate Malaysia and food leh).

It also reflects in the workplace and everyday lives of the people here 🙂

Did you know?

SPEEDHOME‘s staff consist of multiple races and people from all over the world. We have people from France, Netherlands, Indonesia and so on!

The diversity helps open a lot of doors (seriously) and learning more about different cultures! It’s a lot of fun. Malaysia’s history as a Malay kingdom before being colonized by the British, and then becoming Malaysia in 1963 has opened itself to cultures from all over the world.

For example:

  1. Malay, Indian, Chinese
  2. Baba-Nyonya, Iban, Kadazandusun

There’re also various dialects and languages used here. English, Mandarin and Malay being the most common. There’s also Tamil, and dialects like Hokkien and Cantonese.

Fun Fact

Travel to different parts of KL, and you’ll find endless dialects! Travel to Klang, and you’ll find that Hokkien dominates. But go to Petaling Jaya or Subang Jaya, and you’ll find that Cantonese is more widely spoken.

Many people from overseas when they come here are usually surprised by the wide array of things that we have (not joking leh). Especially our…. *cue drum roll*


Malaysian food is…tricky to understand to a lot of foreigners haha. This is cause our history has reflected itself in our cuisine, where various types of cooking methods mixed and have become what they are today 🙂

Even Gordon Ramsay doesn’t understand how we cook!

Cause agak-agak saja 😉

So you see, diversity has brought us a lot of things! Our background, and our journey to today + the mixing of these endless cultures have reflected themselves in what makes us Malaysia. What makes Malaysia, truly Asia.

So enjoy the little things, having friends from different backgrounds and mix together 🙂 Learn their stories, about their food – and together, we’ll be even better!

Selamat Hari Merdeka!

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