Ending Tenancy On A Great Note

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You have reached your last month of tenancy. The tenancy is coming to an end with no hitch in between. So what happens now for you as a tenant if you’re not renewing the agreement?

Here’s a checklist so you don’t miss out on the important things.

3 Things you must do:

1. Clear all utility bills

Make sure to clear all the utility bills for the last month. Regardless, if change your mind to renew the agreement for another year, you will need to make sure your landlord knows you have been responsible.

If you have been missing payments throughout the year, it won’t look good for your tenant portfolio.

2. Arrange handover of keys upon moving out

Always be polite and arrange a time to meet them personally to pass the keys and show that the property was well maintained. If your landlord doesn’t want to, just let them know where you left the keys and thank them for their kindness.

3. Double check that your rental and utilities have been cleared.

Never be a bad paymaster, it makes landlords complain. Which may lead you to getting a bad name as a tenant.

That’s it. We hope you had a great time as a tenant on SPEEDHOME!

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