[Featured] Landlord app for DIY landlord the tech-savvy way

The landlord app that is made by landlord for landlord

SPEEDHOME has been fortunate enough to be featured in Focus Malaysia, essentially we want to make it super easy & fast for landlord to rent out their house.

An excerpt:

Speed in renting out a property has always been a prized commodity, even more so these days. In a market where there’s an oversupply of property, it’s not uncommon to hear frustrated landlords with vacant units lament about having to service loan instalments without any rental income.


So, how fast can SPEEDHOME rent out a property? Apparently, the time taken can swing between two extremes. The quickest transaction, says the application’s founder Wong Whei Meng, was concluded in a day while some never materialised.


‘It’s really about timing. Thee weeks to a month is typical,” he adds. To rent out your property as quickly as possible, it seems the best solution is to ditch exclusivity for multiple channels, such as hiring real estate agents, advertising it on multiple property platforms and listing it on SPEEDHOME.


Interestingly, SPEEDHOME also pushes its listing to multiple property platforms and free sites for a nominal fee. Wong agrees that landlords should market their property on all relevant platforms, and not limit themselves to his app.


“Our core value is to help landlords rent out their property as fast as possible. For us, it’s not about building up the number of listings. It’s about how fast we rent out property. That’s why it’s called SPEEDHOME,” he says.

Published on Focus Malaysia Issue 181 (21-27 May 2016)

Issue 181 - May 21-27 - The DIY Landlord-1
Issue 181 - May 21-27 - The DIY Landlord-2

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