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Find Your Next Tenant Within 24 Hours with Homerunners Service!

Find Your Next Tenant Within 24 Hours with Homerunners Service!

You’re a DIY landlord who’s been around quite a while and is sick of handling viewings. Many, many viewings. So much to do, so many questions to ask, so much – well, you know.

But what if…there was a viewing management service? For FREE?

Good news for all landlords. homerunners service is exactly what you really need!

If you’ve heard about homerunners or seen it around, but aren’t quite sure what it is. No worries, we got your back.

 speedhome hours, and homerunners

What is Homerunners?

Homerunners is a free viewing management service for all SPEEDHOME landlords, old and new. All landlords have to do is post their listings and register at our page here for us to do the rest.

homerunners process
homerunners process

How will Homerunners Help You?

  1. Show your home to the tenant
    • It’s time for you to relax and let us meet the tenants for you
  2. Unlimited house viewing
    • 3 properties? 5 properties? Save your precious time because we will show your units to them all!
  3. Rent out 5x faster
    • Get more quality tenants to view your house and more chances to rent faster & quickly increase your monthly cash flow!

Upselling Your Property
Homerunners are well trained to upsell your property and address any questions from tenants to accelerate the deal.

Showing Your Units To Tenants
Homerunners can assist landlords to attend property viewings & appointments without any delays.

Setting Up Virtual Viewing Video Call
If a tenant prefers a live virtual viewing, our homerunners will be able to assist at no additional cost.

Managing Unlimited Viewings
Landlords get to keep to their busy schedule without disruption and Homerunners will manage all the viewings 365 days a year.

Keeping You Safe From COVID-19 Risks
Homerunners don’t just take the hassle away but also keep you safe by meeting strangers on your behalf.

Saving Your Time On Bad Experience
No show and late appointments are unavoidable and they happen across all sectors. With our Homerunner, you do not have to deal with such a bad experience.

For added security, our homerunners team will be recording the entire viewing with tenant and we will send them to you for peace of mind.

speedhome hours, homerunners  - Malaysia property market
Malaysia property market

Pssssst… Did you know that keys that are collected by our homerunners for viewings can get their house rented and close deals 2x faster!

So, what are you waiting for? Register this FREE service now and get hassle-free viewing management here!

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