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How To Use SPEEDHOME for New Tenants

We understand that there are several focuses in your house-hunting search, the most important thing would probably be the location, then the type of property and followed by rental rate and other features.

Well good news for you because you can search, sort, filter and view properties all on SPEEDHOME. How? here is how you optimise your house search using SPEEHOME’s features.

1. Download The Mobile App

SPEEDHOME works best on the mobile application, you can navigate seamlessly and access more features when you look for a house through the mobile app.

Did you know it’s available on all devices? Say goodbye to broken experiences and promptly reply or be notified of new listings through the mobile app. Download the app on Google Play or App Store today to get the best experience.

Download the SPEEDHOME app screens

Searching for a house on SPEEDHOME is easy, especially on the mobile app. All you have to do is log in or if you don’t have an account yet, just create a new one! Here is how you can create an account through the mobile app!

2. Create Your Own Account

Step-by-step guide how to create and account on speedhome app
  1. Enter your mobile number – Remember each mobile number is unique and you will use it to log in to your SPEEDHOME account in the future
  2. Fill in all the necessary details – we will use this information to reach out to you in the future
  3. Tap Agree and Continue – now you can begin your house search journey!

2. Optimise House Search with SPEEDHOME’s Features

So you’ve downloaded the app, what now? How do you use the features? here are 6 steps to optimising your house search on SPEEDHOME!

Type or Select a Location

Here is one useful tip to search for houses that fulfil your requirements. Decide on a location and start from there. We know we’re all a bit indecisive but not when it comes to where we want to live right! Here are a few ways you can view results based on locations.

How to search for a house based on location on SPEEDHOME app

Once you’ve typed or selected your preferred location, you can now view all the listing within that specified location. Want to have results more tailored to your preferences? no worries you can explore the features below!

Tailor The Results Based on Your Preferences

Here are a few ways how to use SPEEDHOME to optimise the search for the perfect house. Sort, filter and map!

i. Sort


2a. Sort
ii. Filter


2b. Filter
iii. Map


2c. Map
  1. Tap on sort to arrange results based on relevance, distance and price
  2. Filter result based on housing type, furnish level, number of rooms, price and more
  3. Tap on Map to view the geolocation of the unit and other nearby units within the area

Start Chatting!

i. Tap on the property to view photos, detail and even access the virtual viewing 


4 Property Page
ii. Tap on “Chat with Owner” to send a chat request

5 - Send Chat Request

Once the landlord accepts your chat requests, set a viewing appointment and attend the viewing! 🙂

If all goes well, you’ll need to pass a Zero Deposit Eligibility Check and complete the payment before signing the tenancy agreement on SPEEDMANAGE

Download the App on Google Play here

Download the App on the App Store here

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