Get ready to step into the wet world of rentals

Figured you’d start renting out on your own? Be sure to check out our top 5 tips before you get your feet wet in the rental world.

#1 Study your rental agreements carefully.

Its important to know what is written in the contract so when the day comes you won’t be telling your landlord “I didn’t know about that,” because by then it’s already too late. You wouldn’t marry a hot girl if she’s a total psycho would you? Renting a house without studying an agreement is like marrying a girl without knowing her.

#2 Share your rental with someone

The light of the world seems a little bit lighter when you engage someone to help out. If a place is really ideal and the rent is too high for you, admit it and get a partner in crime. Having someone to help clean the place out together isn’t a bad idea either.

#3 Survey the place (preferably at night)

It’s good to just take a leisurely stroll over the place you’re renting at night. Monitoring your surroundings can help you spot potential loopholes and security concerns in the area that you might not have been aware of.

#4 Ask for parking

If you drive, this is probably a no-brainer. Don’t be afraid to pop the question to your landlord. Having a car in a securely locked compound is a way better option than leaving it out in the open. If parking isn’t available, also opt for a reliable gear or steering wheel lock.

#5 Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate.

Don’t be afraid to admit you can’t pay the sky-high rent. Perhaps your landlord may be so desperate he is just waiting for you to pop the question. Be upfront about your situation and offer acts of service on his/her behalf to enhance your negotiating position.

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