Pros and Cons of Working Near Home

what are the pros and cons of working near home?

Oh how we wish our office was closer to our house on those days. The idea of relocating for a shorter commute sounds like the best course of action in every respect. But is it worth it in the end? What benefits and drawbacks come with commuting to work?

benefits of living close to work

Lower commute costs

Pros and Cons of Working Close to Home - Lower commute costs

One of the benefits of living close to work is that you’ll be able to save up more.

Gasoline is used extensively for travelling long distances. Not only does a shorter trip result in immediate gas cost savings, but it also puts less strain on your car. If you make fewer repairs, you’ll spend less on maintenance and replacement parts. Living close to your place of employment is a great idea just for the petrol and auto maintenance savings.

You save money by avoiding ride-hailing services like Grab or Socar (or using them for shorter distances). You pay less the closer the distance is. So it just makes sense to get everything together and move close to the office.

More time for yourself

Pros and Cons of Working Near Home

You have more time before and after work if you live close to your place of employment. You can now repurpose the time you would have spent leaving early or travelling to and from work. You can accomplish the following activities with your extra time:

  • you get to spend a little more time in bed in the morning. If you’re not a morning person, time is precious.
  • Create the fantastic morning routine you’ve always craved Your day will start correctly if you take the time to meditate, read, pray, journal, or sit in silence.
  • There is much to say about the value of exercise and physical activity. But it’s sufficient to note that lengthy commutes frequently make it difficult to fit regular workout regimens in.

Greater flexibility in your daily schedule.

The best thing is that you don’t have to wake up so early to go to work. You can take your time to get ready, prepare a good breakfast for your family, and still reach your office on time. You can even have lunch at home rather than eating out – which is way healthier!

More quality time at home means your relationship will also be positively affected. This will definitely improve your work performance too. Hence you can finally achieve that work-life balance.

Disadvantages of living close to work:

You are more reachable.

Pros and Cons of Working Near Home - You are more reachable.

This might sound like a positive note but would you want to be the guy that will always be contacted when the office needs someone? It’s great for your portfolio but time-consuming and stressful. Plus, you’d get burned out fast.

Just like any relationship, sometimes distance make the heart grow fonder and maybe living a bit further from your office will make you appreciate the job even more.

Only make sense if you are living alone.

If you are married with kids, it will be difficult. Usually a place nearby the office means you are situated in a very hectic environment which is not very conducive for your kids to grow. You will have to face the unnecessary stress of planning their journey to school, for their extra-curricular activities and being constantly worried that they are exposed to the negative side of living in town.

You will be spoiled.

It’s normal for us to want more! Being spoilt by all the great stuff that living close to work brings, for example. Being able to have a short commute time is great, but if we get used to it, we won’t really want to drive as far anymore – it’d be just way too stressful.

Living near to the office might offer some perks but it also comes with a few disadvantages.

After reading the pros and cons of working near home, it no depends on you make a decision and always consider every option possible and weigh in on the reality of how it can really affect you as an individual. 

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