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How To Choose The Best Pest Control Company in Kuala Lumpur

Pest issues in Kuala Lumpur occur frequently that may compel you to seek assistance from a professional to manage the pest. 

Before settling on one, consider communicating with other companies. Find time to search for a trustworthy and professional business that meets your expectations, even though your pest problem is urgent. It can be overwhelming to choose a pest-control company. Don’t hurry into a decision. In SpeedHome, we recommend you to choose this pest control company in KL. They can help you to get rid of any pest problems that you’re facing.

In this article, we will share with you how to choose the best pest control company in Kuala Lumpur.

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Considerations in Choosing the Pest Control Company in KL

Consider comparing the companies in the following main areas when choosing a pest control professional:

  • Qualifications
  • Experience
  • Reputation
  • Value
  • Customer Service
  • Safety


The first area you have to look at is the technicians’ qualifications. Do they have current licenses? How about the classification of their license for the job? Are they regularly trained and informed of pest control regulations and safety practices? Make sure you verify this information through your Pesticide Regulatory Office, if any, or any concerned offices.


The second area you have to look at is the company’s experience. For how long has the company been in the business? Are they credible enough to work on any pest problems in the area? How about their newly-hired employees? Do they get trained with the more experienced employees? Remember that experience can tell whether a company is reliable enough.


The third area is the company’s reputation. Is the company you are looking at recommended by most customers? You can check this by asking the people you know who have had experience with the company. It can be any of your family members, a friend, a coworker, or even a neighbor whom you saw sought for their expertise. 

Sometimes, a company’s advertisement is not reliable enough, so consider looking into the experience of previous customers. Nowadays, the length of time a company in the business can be overridden with another company’s good reputation even though they are just new in the industry.


The fourth area you have to look at is the company’s value. Are they willing to give you an estimate for free? Lots of businesses are currently doing this. You may compare one company’s prices and services to another in this way. 

Another critical aspect is if they are compelling you to comply in a long-term arrangement with them. With that in mind, ask yourself. Is it valuable enough? Will you have more benefits, or is it the other way around? Above all, do they guarantee their work? If you find out that the first service was unsuccessful, are they ready to offer a re-service?

Customer Service

The fifth area you have to consider is the company’s customer service. Are the company’s employees responsive to your needs? Do they listen to your concerns and help you resolve it? Look into the company’s reviews. Are the previous customers satisfied with their work? You can tell if their customer service is good by looking at the experience of the people they have previously worked with.


The last area you have to consider and also one of the most important is safety. Does the company adhere to more environment-friendly options? Do they concern themselves with the health of their clients? How about when dealing with pest issues at your home, are they properly and safely equipped? Do they practice measures to make sure you avoid unnecessary exposures to the chemicals that will be used?

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Final Thoughts

Most pest control companies, if not all, provide service contracts where structures for a specific pest are regularly handled. In certain cases, contracts may be appropriate, such as warehouses receiving crates often infested with cockroaches. 

In general, if there is a chronic infestation by a pest and non-chemical approaches have failed to contain the pest, regular pesticide applications may be needed. Remember though that this is not a really healthy option. Your service contracts should include annual inspections, but pesticides should not be applied unless the pests are already present and otherwise can not be regulated.

If the service person from the pest control company asks you to do some things before, during, or after the application of the pesticide, comply and follow the directions.

Good collaboration between you and the company for pest control is very important and would help remove pests and reduce the use of pesticides.

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