How to find a cleaning lady you can trust

These days, it’s really hard to know who you can trust, much less what company you can trust. And even then, a lot of times, you don’t really trust them entirely either. This goes for everything, even professional services. You can also read this guide how to choose the right cleaning services in KL.

Finding a capable, responsible cleaning lady that you can trust, for example. And keeping them on.


Usually, though, you don’t really simply hire them unless you’re living alone and are too busy to clean the place. So you have the cleaning lady come once a week or something.

Otherwise, getting a cleaning lady helps a lot, especially…

  • Elderly people who’re struggling to keep up with daily stuff
  • Full-time professionals
  • Those with chronic pain or depression
  • People who’ve just completed some construction and building work
  • New mothers or new parents
  • People who don’t like cleaning (kinda understandable *cough*)
  • If you’re moving out of a property… or into one!
  • If you’re a landlord
  • Offices, shops and other commercial buildings
  • If you’re in the medical profession

But wait! What are house cleaning professionals?

Just like how a professional repairman is in charge of fixing stuff from plumbing to leaky toilets, changing a light fixture to assembling furniture and repairing dry-walls, house cleaning professionals are the creme de la creme for house cleaning!

House cleaning professionals are paid to come to your place and clean as often as you need. So if you just want them to come once a week, they’ll only come once a week~ Twice a week? No problem!

  • A house cleaning professional can be run by an individual cleaning lady (basically, a badass solo cleaner!) – usually referred to as a cleaning lady or cleaner.

Is a house cleaning professional the same as a housemaid?

Nope, they’re different! A housemaid is someone who lives in the owner’s house as well, and do other jobs like cooking, making the bed, caring for the children and more. House cleaning professionals just come when scheduled – so keep that in mind 🙂

Does hiring a cleaning lady has benefits or anything?

Yeap, there is 🙂 Even more so if you have a cleaning lady that you can trust to the fullest!

  • A sense of familiarity for the elderly, people who have small children and dogs. It comforts them!
  • A strong working relationship: you might even become friends and have tons of fun together! Who knows, right?
  • Having the convenience of having someone familiar at home and feeling chill about it
  • The solo cleaner becomes a valued person of the client’s circle
  • Solo cleaners usually come via word of mouth and personal recommendations which is WAY more credible

But how do I find a cleaning lady that I can trust?

Let’s face it… like what was said, to find a professional cleaning lady that you can trust is hard. Finding someone who you can trust alone is already hard enough too. Still, it doesn’t mean that you can minimize the risks and increase your chances of finding one that you can trust.

  • Decide how many hours are needed for cleaning your home (making sure that it’s in a great condition!)
  • Ask the cleaning company which the cleaning lady is a part of to do a walkthrough before hiring
  • Explain to them what you want to be cleaned and how often you want them to come
  • Check if they’ve a checklist to follow cause cleaning companies usually offer a deep cleaning service and a maintenance cleaning service. So it really depends on what you want.
  • The cleaning company or team should be able to tell you during the walkthrough how much they can clean in a specific time or in the time that you want
  • Double check the pay-rates! Some cleaners charge by the hour, others by flat rate per job. Keep in mind that if you hired and paid the cleaning professional for three hours, they should stay and clean for the entire three hours.
  • Agree with your house cleaning lady beforehand if they want to use their products or if you will provide the cleaning products
  • If you’re hiring a solo cleaning lady, you probably need to be flexible with the days around school holidays – take note 🙂
  • Ask, ask, ask for references. Don’t skip this, you should know who you’re letting into your home, especially if you expect them to hold a set of keys themselves so that they can come over.
  • Recommendations are also a great way to find a cleaner 🙂 Word of mouth never fails~

How much does a cleaning lady cost?

It really varies. We suggest that you do some research for an average price and getting some quotes from different cleaning companies first.

Like… move-out and post-construction cleans are hugeeee jobs and take a lot of money. If your house looks like a hurricane went through it, a deep clean is 10/10 most likely for you.

For example, if you decide to have the cleaning lady just come by once a month, it’ll probably cost more than a weekly or bi-weekly clean. This is cause it’d be dirtier compared to than if they were scheduled to clean weekly 🙂



If you’re not sure about having a professional house cleaner, are a SPEEDHOME landlord wanting to rent out, check out our Homerunners service! 🙂

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  • Recently, we realized that we have very tight schedules and don’t have time to clean our home. We’re interested in hiring a cleaning service to ensure our house is clean and ready in case we need to entertain friends or colleagues. We’ll follow your tips about checking if we’ll need to provide cleaning products when hiring a cleaning professional.


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