Landlord Problem: The Bizzare Episode!

What’s the most bizarre problem you’ve ever faced as a landlord? We’ve came across few that might shocked you. Read on!


Problem 1: Non-payment of rent

This is perhaps the most common of problems among landlords. Some landlords shared that sometimes the tenants might avoid answering your phone calls in an effort to delay payment.


Problem 2: Tenants threatening the safety of other tenants

This is perhaps the worst situation that could happen in a tenanted property. Fortunately there are not many reports of this happening. Should this happen though active steps need to be taken by the respective authorities to ensure the safety of the other tenants.


Problem 3: Pets damaging existing furniture

Stories about pets damaging the existing furniture in the tenanted property are common enough. It’s important for landlords to note whether the pets will pose any form of risk to their furniture. Typically, more mobile pets which are large in size would pose a greater risk to furniture compared to smaller animals.


Problem 4: Noisy neighbours that disturb the peace

Noisy neighbours are typical in areas where the densities of foreigners or students are high. It’s important for landlords to gauge this before making their investments.


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