Lost Your Tenant Halfway? FREE Service For You

You may be wondering what’s in it for you when you list your property here. Surely, we’re putting something new to the table for you. Right? Right! So we’re showing you how to maximise your profit the SPEEDHOME way.

Agent Fee + Tenant Gone = Lost Rental

Let’s first look at how traditional leasing works for a one year tenancy period when you use an agent:

lost tenant 1


Traditionally, agents take the first month rental as commission. For a year long tenancy agreement, this means that landlords will only receive rentals for the next 11 months. Do note that this is in the expectation that the tenant does not quit before the tenure ends.


Imagine your tenant moving out on the 6th month of tenure. This is how it will look like for you:

lost tenant 2

For 5 month’s worth of rental service, you only get 4 month’s payout. That’s a huge sum to be cutting your profit from.

Runaway Tenants = Free Service @ SPEEDHOME

Let’s now see how SPEEDHOME’s service works for the same one year tenancy period:

Landlord protection table



As a matter of fact, if your tenancy lasts for less than 12 months, this means that you’re not paying a dime to SPEEDHOME.

Say your tenant moves out on the 6th month of tenancy through SPEEDHOME:

lost tenant 4

Because we couldn’t provide a full year tenancy, we humbly apologise and provide our service to you for free.

Do you see now why we say that we’re definitely not an agent looking to cash in from your property. All we are doing here is to provide an easy, safe, and transparent transaction for everyone involved.


Stop wondering what else can be done to maximise your leasing profit and start downloading SPEEDHOME today! The SPEEDHOME app is free to download from Google Play & App Store.

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