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Gone are the days where you need to advertise everywhere just to get new tenants. Stop wasting time and money in printing out fliers that you paste everywhere, only to get weird calls from shady tenants.

We are the solution to your leasing needs! SPEEDHOME is a free to use online platform for landlords to advertise their properties.

But how does SPEEDHOME help landlords?

Free? That can’t be right, right? No, we’re not pulling your leg. You only pay when the transaction is complete. By complete, we mean a full 12 months tenure. That’s our guarantee or our service is free!

Why are we so confident in promising a free service if your tenant quits before the 12th month? Because we make sure that every tenant we send your way is of high quality through our Zero Deposit eligibility check.

What does high quality mean? It means:
– No bad financial records
– Good EXPERIAN history
– Able to pay monthly dues on time

Are you sure the tenants are responsible?

Every tenant that wants to rent will go through a thorough Zero Deposit eligibility background check. Did we mention that we do it for FREE? No extra payment to you for that extra secure step.

So what else makes leasing with SPEEDHOME easy? When you lease with SPEEDHOME, you can find the next tenant for your property within a week.

With a daily visitor count of 1000+ and 200+ daily enquiries, your property will be viewed by possible tenants in no time.

How do I become a landlord with SPEEDHOME?

Join the landlords in SPEEDHOME and start earning from your property today! Download the SPEEDHOME app to get started !

Still having doubts? We’re available Monday to Sunday.
Phone: 0187777650
Email: [email protected]

Get quality tenant to rent your property in 12 hours today

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