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Making A Viewing Appointment

The first step in locking in a deal is to make a viewing appointment. At this point, you will know that your tenants are serious. Our customer satisfaction team will help set up viewing appointments for you.

What to expect during viewing:

1. You & tenant will meet at the listed home address


2. You will show the amenities & appliances provided during tenant’s rental period


3. A rental deal when both parties agree to the terms set

Before arranging the handover of keys, you tenant must have passed the background check , completed the payment and signed the tenancy agreement at Speedsign.


Free Viewing Management with homerunners

If you aren’t too sure about handling a viewing appointment, check out our homerunners service here. Our homerunners team can handle the viewing appointment for you.

Have worries? Email us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you about how we can arrange the best rental experience right here at SPEEDHOME.

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