Places You Must Visit Before You Turn 30

Are you still young, free and eager to see the world? Then you should go and visit these five amazing places before it is too late. 


Stick stall

Street Food in Malaysia

Angor wat - Copy

Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Islands of Philippines - Copy

Islands of Philippines

Backpacking in South East Asia  

South East Asia is one of most popular place to backpack. Go through countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, and Cambodia. Try the amazing food that these places have for offer, visit the temples, interact with the locals and experience the great outdoors. Open your mind to the rich and diverse culture their people have to offer. The people. just like their weather, are warm and treats you like their own. You’ll feel like a local walking around the cities in South East Asia.

 Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal in India

Lions in india - Copy

Lions in India

Indian street food - Copy

Dine in with authentic Indian cuisine

Experience India 

Asia is filled with temples, beautiful nature, tropical beaches and amazing wildlife and India is no exception. It is famous for their temples like the Taj Mahal. It is filled with national parks where you can see everything from lions to Elephants. And just like most Asian countries, it has his own Authentic kitchen. 

Machu Picchu

Go back in time to visit the Incas in Machu Picchu.

Andes mountain - Copy

Cold weather and hiking is your jam? Andes mountain calls to you.

Salt flat bolivia

Or does your dog love never ending walks over a wide field – Salt flat in Bolivia

Andes Mountains 

This place has so much to offer that it is impossible to see everything in one trip. It stretches from the south of Argentina all the way to Colombia. It has again temples like Machu Picchu, but also amazing lakes, rock formations and close to the mountains is the biggest salt flat in the world. 

 Mountain and lake Austria

Mountain and frozen lake Austria

Skiing alps

Skiing in the Alps where it’s Christmasy all year round.

Alps Austria 

Standing high in the mountains and preparing yourself to go down with nothing more than two planks and sticks. That is something everybody should have done at least ones in there live. It is a feeling of freedom that is hard to achieve otherwise. It does not matter if you have never skied before, you should pick it up quite quickly If you’re still young and eager to learn. 

Western wall Jerusalem

Western wall of Jerusalem

Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem

Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem


David's castle - Copy

David’s Castle





Are you done with nature and want to head back to the habited world then look no further than Jerusalem. It is a city with a lot of different cultures. being the home of many religions and still having buildings that date all the way back to 2000 BC. It is a site to behold even if you are not a religious person. 



Tips for when you travel 



Now it’s always nice to have a trip budget planed smoothly. And it’s always nice to stay at a nice hotel, get on a comfortable plane and have someone to carry your belongings. BUT, (unless you’re rich or famous or rich and famous) being less than 30 has monetary disadvantages, which means you have to travel on a very limited budget. You’re young and just starting out, so travel like an explorer!


So make these escapades as affordable as possible!

It is why you need to get cheap flight these can be found on websites like Expedia and Cheapflights. 

Not only your means of travel should be cheap, but when on the location you should keep a budget as well. Stay in cheap hotels or hostels. Comfort is not that important, you will most likely only sleep there since you want to see as much as possible. It may also be smart to find out the cheapest way to eat since this varies per country and can save you a lot of money.     


The places that you want to visit depend entirely on your personal preference. Are you more of a city trip person? Then some of these places might not be the first thing you think of; however, it is important to travel to places that you never expected to visit. In a lot of cases, they turn out to be the best ones. 


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