How many people can I invite with the link?

You can invite as many people as you want!

How do I redeem my reward? / When will I get my reward?

You will be able to redeem your reward after your tenant or landlord friend has completed signing their digital tenancy agreement  and has transacted through SPEEDHOME, with an Allianz Insurance package being purchased by the landlord through the SPEEDHOME platform. We will then contact you to acquire your bank details and will transfer your reward within 14 working days.

How long will it take to get the cash reward?

Upon successful referral deal using the correct referral link, we will contact you to acquire your bank details. SPEEDHOME will deposit the money into the referrer’s and referee’s bank account within 14 days upon provision of respective individual bank details via email.It can take 1+ months for a unit to become successfully rented out.

When does my referral expire?

This offer is only valid within 6 months after the done deal date. After that, your referral rewards will expire.

Is there a limit to how many times I can get RM200?

No. You can refer unlimitedly and get RM200 each time you have a successful referral. Pretty exciting, right?!

What incentive will my friends receive?

Your friends will receive a cash rebate of RM100 reward when they have successfully rented with SPEEDHOME.

What qualifies as a valid referral?

A referral qualifies as valid:

  1. If the referrer refers to referee’s new individual accounts with Speedrent Technology Sdn Bhd (“SPEEDHOME”) and the referee has done a deal in 2020 onwards.
  2. Referred friends (referee) must open a SPEEDHOME account using their designated referral link from referrer’s invitation and send chat requests or post property within 6 months of receiving the invitation, and complete the agreement deal and transact with SPEEDHOME.
  3. Referrer and referee must be different people with different bank account details 
  4. Landlord who post property using their referrer’s invitation link must subscribe and buy the Allianz insurance package provided by SPEEDHOME
  5. Referees who renew the tenancy agreement  are not entitled to get the referral bonus.

Why am I not entitled to get my referral cash reward?

You’re not entitled to get the referral reward because of certain reasons. The following terms and conditions apply:

  1. Your referee has not completed their deal yet with SPEEDHOME. 
  2. You refer to yourself or your personal SPEEDHOME account.
  3. You have used the same bank account details with the referrer/referee. 
  4. Your referral has expired after 6 months from the referral date.
  5. You verbally refer to any individuals without using your designated referral link from your invitation electronically.
  6. Your referred friend is an existing SPEEDHOME user who renew their tenancy agreement.
  7. You post a listing or send a chat request on behalf of the referee and not using the referral link provided by the referrer.
  8. You shared the wrong link to your referee instead of your referral link that can be found under the ‘Refer’ dashboard.
  9. Your referee did not enter/paste your referral link upon first registering their account profile.

What does a tenant need to be eligible to rent under Zero Deposit?

They are required to be screened through our Zero Deposit eligibility check, submitting their 3 month’s bank statement, employment/university offer letter and copy of IC/Passport/Visa.

What does a landlord or tenant need to do for me to be eligible for referral reward?

For a landlord referee to be entitled to a referral reward they must rent out a property on our platform above RM500/month and purchase an Allianz Insurance package provided by SPEEDHOME.

For a tenant referee to be entitled to a referral reward they must rent a property using SPEEDHOME above RM500/month and sign our digital tenancy agreement, with their landlord purchasing an Allianz Insurance package provided by SPEEDHOME.

If my friend uses SPEEDHOME to find a property to rent or finds a tenant to rent out to but completes the deal outside the platform, am I eligible for reward?

No, only deals that take place through the SPEEDHOME platform will make you eligible for rewards. Any deals that take place outside of the platform will not result in you getting a reward and will result in your friend getting banned from SPEEDHOME.

Updates to the Terms and Conditions

SPEEDHOME can update these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. This article will be modified to show the updated Terms & Conditions. Click here to learn more on what tenants require by SPEEDHOME.