Rental Frights: The Things That Landlords Go Through

What are the scary things about renting a house? Let’s get to the bottom of all the rental horror stories that we always hear about in the media.

You could be a landlord looking to rent out a unit. It’s probably an old apartment and your grandmother used to live there. Since you have no means to move into it and you’d still like to keep the unit because all the memories are sentimental to you, you refurbished the place, added new furniture and painted the walls. The apartment is now a minimalist living space for young and outgoing people to call home..

Then you put up advertisements, posters and even list it out on rental platforms saying the unit is available for rent. You even took the time to get a proper camera to take decent pictures of your place so that it looks nice on an ad. You’re well on your way start your career in the real estate industry as a landlord!


You hear stories from relatives and friends about the pains of being a landlord. 

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What if your unit doesn’t get rented out? You’d have to pay unnecessary bills like utilities and maintenance fees. Plus, you’ve already put a huge investment in redecorating, It’s gonna take a while for you to earn back that amount of money if you don’t get it rented out soon.

If your own advertisements don’t attract any inquiries, well, you can always turn to agents. Oh man, another add-on expense! If you’re lucky, you’ll get an agent who’s really passionate about getting your house rented out. And if you’re really lucky, you’d get a tenant who is not fickle minded and is desperate enough to move in (some tenants do have the time and luxury).

However, if the tide turns, you miiiight end up with these type of tenants:

The Negotiator

Tenants who would die to negotiate your rental price and demand for more than what is needed for basic furniture.

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The First Timer

These type of tenants just recently move out of their parents’ house. Mostly college kids or just starting up with their career. You can most likely expect that these tenants do not know how renting a place work.

The Delayer

The tenant who keeps “forgetting” to pay the bills. The most common and casual answer you’ll get when chasing for payment is “I promise I’ll pay lah”. So you wait and wait until you get sick of waiting then the moment you want to evict them, they’ll send you a text saying “I paid already. Thank you”. And you being the nice landlord, you forgive this person and give them another chance. Also because you got your money already.

The Disappearer

One word for these tenants – RUDE. They’ll just disappear without a trace like a phantom.

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… with your TV probably.

And other valuable furniture…

Now, take a deep breath.

Not all is lost. Not all is Bad!

SPEEDHOME is here to save the day!

Here’s what we offer to all landlords out there looking for an easy solution to get this headache out of the way:

Deal Directly with Tenants

A unique feature of our app that allows tenants and landlords alike to communicate directly with each other is called Chat Request. Like the messenger, tenants and landlords can talk, negotiate and even make appointments to view a particular unit.

We Do Background Checks

This is THE most important step. We check EVERYTHING from their Identification Card to employment letters, to payment slips and bank statements. Yes just like applying for a loan, CTOS and CCRIS checks are done. It is crucial that we ensure your tenants can pay the monthly rental and utility bills.

Want to know what documents we check? Click here.

We Buy You Insurance

As if it’s not already out there that we are in partnership with Allianz. Allianz has created a customised plan for landlords on SPEEDHOME with RM26K claimable insurance. It’s simple, all landlords have to do is send us a receipt for unpaid bills, rent or any damages or theft as well as a police report for us to help claim from Allianz.

We Get Your Property Rented Out Fast

The sooner your unit gets an inquiry, our Customer Support Superstars will immediately call you to notify you on it and help you close in on the rent. You can also ask for our Homerunners

We Help With Tenancy Agreements

Probably the most complicated process is getting the tenancy agreement double checked, signed and stamped at LHDN (ohhhhh the long line!). With SPEEDHOME, all you have to do is just sign the agreement and we will get it stamped for you. So easy! Click here to read the contents of the agreements.

We Help You Collect Rent

Tenants will get a rent invoice from SPEEDHOME and the procedure is to pay the beginning of every month. We do it this way so that we can track which tenant has not yet paid for the month’s rent and notify the landlord.

See, it’s so simple! Sign up with SPEEDHOME to get a migraine-free experience when renting out your house.

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