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SPEEDHOME Diversity Report

“A lot of different flowers make a bouquet.” – Muslim Origin




We pride ourselves with inclusiveness and no discrimination. SPEEDHOME believe that intolerance and bigotry should not be given a space and chance in Malaysia.
To roar the mission out loud, we have chosen #Equality as part of our new value. Starting from property industry, soon Malaysia will fight against inequality.person_40108357 (1)

From a small team, to now headcount of 56 we are growing faster then we have before. With our value, we always have equality in mind. and a diverse team was our goal. Varying culture, background and experience our work dynamic has improved greatly. 


Here’s a breakdown on our headcount report:




Age Group!

Our biggest group is from the 20s, What we are is basically a bunch of fresh grads and youngsters with fresh ideas. What we lack with experience, we compensate with high spirits!

At a point most of us are blank slates, so training is easy-peasy lemon squeezy. And tech skills? No sweat. We were born with technology~

(Fun fact: None of us are past 34!)


Ethnicity & Nationality, next!

We are not the example for the most diverse team, but we are getting there.

Majority of our employees are Malays &  bumiputera Sabah Sarawak, followed by Chinese and Indians. Our diversity does not stop there. 15% of our headcount are foreign expats. 

We have faces from India, Algeria, Netherlands, China, France, United Kingdom, Philippines and even Turkey! Now that’s diverse.




What do you think

We at SPEEDHOME are on an ongoing mission to diversity our community, it has been amazing but it would be great to share your thoughts and suggestions to us. It would help us greatly to vary new talents at SPEEDHOME.


Besides suggestions, we also welcome fresh grads, LGBTQIA, foreigners and special needs or disabled talents are encouraged to apply!

Drop your resumes at [email protected] and  hope to hear from you soon 🙂



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