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Stamping Fee Calculation Formula

Stamping your tenancy agreement is the final step in legalising your documents. In order for the tenancy agreement to prove effective during tenure, you must get it stamped at LHDN. But how much will you have to pay for the stamping fee?

Don’t worry, calculating tenancy agreement stamp duty is pretty easy.

Formula(((Monthly rental x 12) – 2400) / 250)* x rates based on tenancy period

*round up to the nearest ringgit

Too confusing? Want confirmation on the correct fee amount? We got you covered! Just click here to use our online stamping fee calculator.

Do be informed that this is the stamping fee, not the fee to create the tenancy agreement itself. For that, you’ll have to contact a lawyer to draft up your tenancy agreement.

Or! You can sign it online using Speedsign. Want to know more about Speedsign? Click here to learn more on how you can make and sign your tenancy agreement online.

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