Top 3 Things to Consider Before Renting Out Your Property

The property market is a tough nut to crack these days, considering that there’re tons of new places (commercial and residential) popping up. It sometimes feels just a little bit overwhelming, a little bit scary, but that’s okay. (Just sounds scary only >_>)

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[HEADLINE] Whei Wong, a serial entrepreneur begins foray into the property market with a rental app. ??

Whei Wong, a serial entrepreneur whose company was recently acquired by a high-tech UK company OnApp is beginning his foray into the property market with the launch of a revolutionary mobile app, SAYWA. ?Taken from the malay word “sewa”, SAYWA will offer landlords and renters alike a platform to negotiate rental deals through a mobile app for free. The app will allow its users to create rental listings, source for properties and conduct negotiations through the app itself. ?

Commenting on SAYWA, Wong said it offers a compelling alternative to property posts online. ?“SAYWA simplifies processes for landlord and renter in communication and appointment scheduling; empowering them with the tools to complete the rental transaction with less time, no hassle, and all within their fingertips,” he said.?Wong revealed that the inspiration behind the revolutionary idea was his own difficulty in dealing with property agents. ?Jestingly the candid owner claims that users will say: “Waaa so easy” after trying out the app.?The app is scheduled for launch on the Oct 28th, 2014?

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