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The Nasi Lemak Index: How many packets of nasi lemak to buy a house?

With the average cost of living increasing, it’s getting really hard to budget 🙁 But have you wondered how much we spend on food like nasi lemak or nasi goreng? And wonder how many of those would it take to buy a house?

So, using the average prices, we did the calculations. (Ya, very Asian, we know.)

Average price of a packet of nasi lemak: RM2.50
Average price of a house in Malaysia (according to CEIC 2018): RM408,774
= 163,509 packets of nasi lemak ?

Wah! 160,000+ packets of nasi lemak to buy a house! Like that can supply dunno how many families already… Last for years… But then, what about deposit leh?


Deposit – 10% of House Price: RM40,877.40

= 16,351 packets of nasi lemak

Still a lot of nasi lemak there… can throw a nasi lemak festival already.

But then right, we wondered (really too curious for our own good leh) even more. We asked ourselves:

“How many packets of nasi lemak for houses in KL, Penang and all ah?”


And that was it. We were gone.

This is what we found:

Average House Price: Johor


132,567 packets of nasi lemak

Average House Price: Kuala Lumpur


320,357 packets of nasi lemak

Average House Price: Penang


172,490 packets of nasi lemak

 Average House Price: Selangor


189,348 packets of nasi lemak

But we had to stop there, because too much already. Later dream of nasi lemak and houses.

We’ve put it in a chart for you also 😀


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