Tips to maintain the best relationship with your roommate

Most college students get worried thinking about whether they will end up with the perfect roommates or ones from hell. After all, you will have to spend an entire semester or maybe more sharing the same space. Questions like, “Will he/she like me?”,” What if they don’t want to hang out?”, “I am an introvert, how will I get along with him/her?” may worry you further about your prospective roommate. The best way to cope with this is to not have any preconceived assumptions about them. Set your expectations in such a way that it is conducive to a healthy roommate relationship. To help you further, here are a few tips. 

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Communication is EVERYTHING

“Communication is the key to success” is a generic yet very true phrase that applies everywhere! To maintain a good relationship with your roommate, you need to have a clear line of communication. If you have any concerns, speak up and let them know! This can help avoid conflicts and give you the chance to understand each other better. If you want the solution to a problem then you have to speak about it. Fruitful conversations can make or break your relationship. You can also set some rules to maintain a harmonious relationship. Respect each other’s personal space and privacy at all times. So just communicate and we are sure you two will get along just fine.

Headphones can be very helpful

If you feel uncomfortable using audio around your roommate then, having a pair of headphones can be a great idea! Headphones can also help you concentrate better on your own work without disturbing your roommate! If you are someone who likes listening to music while working, invest in a good pair of headphones. In contrast, if you are someone who has an inconsiderate roommate, purchase noise-canceling headphones to help you focus! This will allow both you and your roommate to enjoy your time together without bothering each other. 

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Don’t use your roommate’s things without permission

When living with a roommate, you may share the same space all the time but your belongings are yours. Always take permission before taking and shifting out anything which belongs to them. Even if you get along, don’t touch their personal items without permission. Building trust is very important in maintaining healthy relationships with anyone. So before you decide to wear their clothes for a party, always ask. This will show your roommate that you respect them and value their friendship. 

Ask before inviting someone over

You might want to have friends over or vice versa, but it is always important to ask if that is okay. Your roommate may feel out of their comfort zone if you invite someone without informing them. Take the time to have a conversation about setting ground rules and respecting each other. Doing this early on can prevent future conflicts and awkward scenarios.  Pay attention to their mood prior to asking them for permission. Respect and understanding only work when it comes from both sides. If in case your roommate does not respect your privacy, then have a conversation with them and let them know. 

Take equal responsibility for the place you live in

The process of renting can be made much more difficult if your roommate and you are not on the same page. When you are renting a place together, you have to take equal responsibility for it. Have a discussion on both of your preferences and split everything equally. When it comes to paying for utilities,  or new furniture, for example, divide the costs equally. If these are common things you both will be using, it is only fair to share the cost. Schedule household chores like cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, or washing the dishes so you both put in equal efforts. Communicate with each other to figure out your likes and dislikes. If in case your roommate doesn’t feel well or is busy, you will also have to learn to cooperate and adjust. You can even consider hiring a cleaning service after discussing and allocating the budget with your roommate. Remember, this is only going to be a long term positive relationship if you both take equal responsibility. 

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Keep an open mind 

When moving in with new people, it is very important to be open-minded. You may be from different countries and have different cultures. You might even speak different languages and have different religious and ethnic backgrounds. It is very important to respect these differences and not discriminate based on their race or religion. Treat them the way you would want to be treated and be understanding. Spare a few minutes early on and take the opportunity to have some quality roommate bonding time. This can help you understand each other’s lifestyles and prevent future issues. Life can become much easier if you are sensitive about respecting each other’s differences. 

Maintain a good relationship throughout

Your potential roommate may have the same concerns as you and similarly want to have a good relationship. When you share common spaces with another person, it is better to get along with them. Build the foundations for a good relationship early on by communicating and understanding each other’s lifestyles. Once you set this foundation, keep building on it so you both will have no doubts when it comes to each other. This can even lead to you honing a good friendship and that can make your lives much easier. So make decisions based on this understanding and be humble and kind. Resolve conflicts quickly and let your best qualities shine through! We are sure that by the end of your lease term, you will be better roomies. 

The frustration between roommates can only be prevented with effective conversations and understanding. When living in dorms with college roommates, you may have huge differences. The only way to move forwards is to follow the steps we mentioned and making your feelings known. Share each other’s perspectives on different topics and you will see how well your relationship can bloom. You don’t have to be besties, but it is always better to have a good relationship with your roommate. So deal with challenges head-on and put in the effort! 

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