For Landlords

Tips to Reduce Rental Rates!

How to reduce rental cost

Is your rental way too high? Here are 3 handy tips you could do to help you reduce rental rates!


  1. Negotiate directly

“Ask and you shall receive” it is once said. Don’t be shy to admit if you are unable to pay the rental rates that are set. Your landlord could be more flexible than you think if you have been a fairly good tenant.

  1. Ask if you can have a roommate

A problem shared is a problem halved. Roommates can definitely help you divide your rental should there be enough space in your room. If your place is huge, consider speaking to your landlord about getting a roommate so you can afford the place.

  1. Render additional service

Ask your landlord if he/she needs any additional services. Offering to help him/her collect the rent or becoming the apartment manager could help you save some rental and learn some much needed management skills. Don’t be afraid to offer help. This could help you build a closer relationship with your landlord and gain his/her trust.

Bottom line is, be a good tenant and an understanding one, landlords are human too and they appreciate any value that you have provided throughout your stay and would probably reduce rental for you in order to keep a good tenant like you.

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