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Told Tale Truth on Terrifying Tenant

On paper, tenancy agreement seems like an airtight, simple agreement. The tenant either pays the rent on time and keeps the property in good condition or leaves. And if the tenant refuses to leave, the landlord has the right to evict them. Simple, right? Well that’s how it should be. 
But there are bad apples so, WRONG.


We have encountered some chilling stories, and we want to share it with you. So let’s get cozy and grab your blankets ready.


The Flaker




Commencement date : 1 September 2018
Due date: 1st every month
Rental: RM1,300
Claims approved: RM6,795.00 with 10% depreciation deduction for household content
Tenant background check: Average tenant


First story, the mysterious lad. After making the payment of the first month’s rental, the tenant moved in and everything went fine. When the second month came, the tenant paid one day later which was still fine. On the third month though, the tenant suddenly went MIA (missing-in-action) and ignored all phone calls and texts. Eventually, we issued a demand letter to the tenant in November 15, 2018 which garnered a reply from the tenant. The tenant stated that they would pay the rent in December but didn’t which resulted in an eviction letter being sent to the tenant. In the end, the issue was dragged on until February 2019 as the tenant left the house with property damage and unpaid rental.



Hello…. Anyone there?




Commence date : 27 January 2018
Due date: 27th every month
Rental: RM2,150
Claims approved: RM5,000
Tenant background check: Foreigner tenant

It was fine for the first three months. When the fourth month came, however, it started getting difficult to contact the tenant. Even the alternate number given by the tenant was unreachable. Countless excuses were given in delaying rental payment, one of them being that the payment link given was glitched. Additionally, the tenant suddenly mentioned that due to work issues, they needed to move out immediately. An explanation about early termination was given by SPEEDHOME and the tenant agreed in understanding before suddenly moving out without notice. The tenant then became completely unreachable despite trying to call and text..



Stripped to The Bone




Commence date : 1 December 2017
Due date: 1st every month
Rental: RM1,000
Claims approved: RM5,289.98
Tenant background check: Less than average


The tenant urgently wanted to move in quickly, constantly asking about the cheapest and fully furnished unit. After moving in, the tenant continuously asked to delay paying the rent. It was such until that the tenant was almost evicted in the second month. But the tenant submitted a letter and managed to pay the rent… before changing to a new phone number. We contacted the tenant for an update but the tenant stated that they were busy and would call back later. The call never happened and the tenant never picked up again. Until we suddenly got a call from the tenant who asked for us to not call again because their housemate was in depression but they would pay in the middle of the month. 


In May 2018, the landlord received a call from the management regarding a lorry requesting access to pick-up items from the tenant. The landlord called the tenant for confirmation and said that he/she would check up on the unit. During the check, it was found that the tenant was no longer there and all the furniture was missing. The extent of hiring a mover to take all the furniture, the dedication walao eh no chill.


All in all, all the damages done were claimed to our Allianz insurance, so it is not a sad ending after all. SPEEDHOME minimizes the risk of bad tenants by our screening procedures and background checks. Use SPEEDHOME to lower your risk of getting unfiltered tenants from Agents and other platforms. If accidents happen, rest assured that your property will insured with protection up to RM42,000. {{cta(‘194ecd43-d3e4-4d6b-a39c-e8ac8317e4f9′,’justifycenter’)}}




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