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Affordable Mobile Apps to Help Decorate Your Rental Home

So, all the drama around searching for, negotiating and finally signing the deal on your new rental home in Malaysia is finally over. Whew! It is an ordeal right?

With SPEEDHOME, your journey has been a lot easier. (Heads nodding!)

Well as any self-respecting woman will tell you, getting into the new rented space is not the end of the story. It is the start of a journey – to make a home out of four bare walls and a roof. Men, do not groan. SPEEDHOME is here to the rescue.

Today we will hook you up with a flaming hot list of affordable mobile apps to decorate your rental home and create a beautiful personal space you can be proud of. Without the hassle of racking your brains or hiring a personal decorator (the missus may ask but the mister won’t).

#1: Mark on Call: Home Interior Layout Designer

Isn’t the thought of all that furniture in little packaged holdings driving you crazy. Any second now the movers are going to arrive and you will have to figure out a place for your knick knacks. This mobile app is heaven sent for those who have a hard time setting out their stuff in a newly rented space. It allows you to:

  1. Input the dimensions of the room
  2. Choose the type of furniture you have from a pre-defined menu and add its specifications according to the items you possess
  3. Manipulate the real life scaled model of the pieces in a virtual room to see what arrangement will look the best.

Goodbye aching backs and broken nails. This app also allows you to maintain a shopping list of the different furniture pieces and decorative items that are pending. Now you can get your décor placement right in one go. $2.99 isn’t really a stiff price for all those saved joules of energy. Watch this little video to learn more.

#2: Home Decorator

Not many renters go the mile to actually re-paint a rental home. But if you love to add glamour to your space, you may want to paint a room (the bedroom perhaps) or the whole apartment in shades you fancy. A little pro tip here! Always ask your landlord’s permission before changing fundamental aspects of the rental like the wall color. It may save you a lot of shouting and screaming. Anyway, if you are lucky enough to get the green signal, do give this app a try. It’s free and will help you click a photo of your wall and then apply the color of your choice on it to get an idea of the final effect. Neat right? Click here to learn more about this nifty tool.

#3: Good Housekeeping

No we aren’t complementing you! After you have picked out the color palette for your new rental and even decided on where to position what for maximum impact, this mobile app by the fastest growing Women’s magazine in the world is a good database of inspired decoration tips to help you add the final touches. The bonus? It has a section dedicated to the most needed housekeeping information. From how to remove ketchup stains to the best formula for your newborn baby. It is currently free on Android and worth a download, just for the clean interface.

Was this list helpful? The apps featured here can work well in any country, be it for rentals in Malaysia or for apartments in New York, because of the nature of the information shared and help extended.

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