Top 4 Ways to Check New Property Launches

New property launches have always been exciting to potential buyers and investors alike. After all, it connects buyers and investors with developers and agents involved.

In addition to that, it is during these events that one may be able to learn more about the property, as well as probably getting interesting offers that may not be obtainable elsewhere.

But how is it even possible to keep up with all these launches that seem to be happening almost every other month? No worries, as we will now go through four ways to get the newest property listings in Malaysia!

Property websites

This option does not need no further introduction, as real estate buyers, investors, and renters will always use them as a go-to for everything related to property in just a click away.

In addition, to providing various property listings around Malaysia, these various property sites also feature new and upcoming properties that one needs to pay attention to. It also has tips and tricks on buying houses as well as the latest property news. Here in SPEEDHOME, you can also get caught up with the newest properties in town, on our website. Click this button for Zero Fees housing options!

Internet forums

We are now moving to the more unconventional sites to go get your insights on new property launches, namely Internet forums such as Lowyat, Cari, Reddit, and the likes.
Unsurprisingly, these forums have been established over the years as the reputable forum to get opinions from various walks of life of Malaysia, and there is a specific thread on the forum that focuses on property alone. While there aren’t any Malaysian property listings found here, one can simply ask if they are keen to know the opinions of others on a certain property listing found on other sites and be sure to get a swift reply. Sometimes even a developer or agent will start a thread on a forum in order to promote their newest property to get people’s attention.

Online Marketplace

Felt like the two ways above aren’t enough? Worry not, there’s still another way – go to the online marketplace sites! Any online marketplace that you are familiar with is found, where one can simply find, buy or sell almost anything and everything.

These sites may not seem to be selling property at first glance, much less a property listing, but you can rejoice to know that real estate may in fact included as one of the things you can buy and sell. Here, you can scroll over the many properties featured and filter it even further to find the newest properties available.

Going to Property Launches

This may seem like a chicken and egg problem – how do I go to property launches when I don’t even know what are the latest property launches in town? Hence the reason why this very option is at the bottom.

If you have reached this point, this means you may have gone through the earlier methods mentioned above right? Good then. This is basically the next step after getting that property listing.

As you go to property launches, chances are the agents and developers will ask you to put your contact information in a list. This is so that you will get updates straight to your mailbox or Whatsapp whenever there is a new project coming up in the future. Isn’t it very convenient?

In short, when there is a will, there is always a way! Don’t wait, get your browser on and start searching!

And now over to you. Skip the additionals fees. Buy and Sell properties with Zero Commission on SPEEDHOME!

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