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Top 5 Places to Eat in Johor

When it comes to food, we Malaysians take pride in the dishes we have to offer. To many people including tourists, Penang has been named the food capital in the country, or even in South-East Asia. But more often than not, Johor gets overlooked for good eateries to dine at. The southern peninsular state is more than just a neighbouring land to the fully-developed island of SIngapore. Johor has some of the best food spots to offer. Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant residing in the state, here are 5 Recommended Places to Eat in Johor.

1. Otak-Otak Cheng Boi

When you’re in Johor you know you cannot count out the dish that it is known for; otak-otak, a spicy and savoury traditional fish dish. The best place that is recommended for good authentic Johor otak-otak is Otak-Otak Cheng Boi in Muar, Johor. Cheng Boi’s otak-otak is highly loved by locals and visitors because they are generous with the mackerel fish they use, indicating they do not take shortcuts when making their dish. Hence, ensuring the best quality and taste.

2. Restoran Hua Mui JB

Another good food place that’s highly recommended in Johor is Hua Mui in Johor Bahru. Hua Mui specialises in Malaysian Chinese cuisine or as we call it “kopitiam” food! And the best part is it is also halal certified for our Muslim friends, since many Malays also dine at Hua Mui. The most popular dishes here are their Hainanese chicken chop and their roti bakar aka Malaysian toast paired with runny half-boiled eggs.

3. Selera Senibong Seafood

Another place in Johor that is a highly recommended place to eat is Selera Senibong Seafood. If you’re a seafood lover, this place is a must try when you’re in Johor. Selera Senibong offers a wide selection of fresh seafood to choose from such as crabs, squids and freshwater fishes. Some of the dishes that were recommended by satisfied diners are the seafood fried rice, salted egg fried squid and their butter tiger prawns. On top of tasty and affordable seafood, you also get to enjoy your meals with a scenic waterfront view while dining in.

4. Mee Bandung Abu Bakar Hanipah

The fourth recommended eatery in Johor is known for their flavourful Jawanese food. As their name implies, Mee Bandung Abu Bakar Hanipah in Muar is highly touted for the mee bandung, a Jawa style noodle dish coated in robust gravy. Quite a number of food enthusiasts have recommended this dish for its authentic flavour and spiciness. On top of that, this place is said to serve some good satay skewers too.

5. Hiap Joo Bakery & Biscuit Factory

And finally, what better way to end a tasty blog than with sweet dessert! Johor natives will likely be more familiar with Hiap Joo Bakery & Biscuit Factory. The star of this place is the famous banana cake which has been baked over wood-fire for the last few decades! Aside from that they also have a variety of delectable pastries to choose from for anyone with a sweet tooth. 


And there you have it! The 5 places to eat in Johor. So if you’re ever in Johor for a trip, or if you are moving or residing there, be sure to check out these tasty spots and be on a lookout for many more eateries to explore. With such a rich and diverse heritage of food, and the nostalgia of most of these old but gold eateries, Johor truly is a place with many gems when it comes to food.

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