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Top factors to consider before buying that property

Factors to consider before buying property, what are they?

What are the questions to ask,key things that people usually consider before investing in properties? Today we examine them in more detail.

Like it or not, there are certain key factors that help determine the value of a property. Some are obvious even to the casual observer while others might be more subtle and hard to spot. Today Speedrent looks at some of the key considerations investors take when investing in properties.

Proximity to transportation hubs

With the rise of transport oriented developments in Malaysia, transport has become a key consideration in the eyes of many investors. With the instability of oil prices becoming an every present worry, more and more investors prefer to just “follow the MRT line” or live some place which has frequent transport to their places of work. Those who fail to consider the proximity of transportation facilities will definitely lose out in the long run.


In an article last year written by, Kuala Lumpur was listed as the 6th most dangerous city in the world. Security concerns continue to be a focus for many tenants who wish to rent in various parts of Selangor. Note that tenants tend to gravitate to compounds which are gated, have ample security and have low incidents of theft. Make sure to check the security of a building before investing in it.

Branded residences

For those who can afford it, branded residences are a definite way to go. Some of these residences are sponsored by big names such as Best Western and Kempinski. The appeal of branded residences lies in the fact that some are backed with investment guarantees. Investors can use this to their advantage and leverage on the popular brand name when advertising them to other buyers and interested parties. Branded residences typically have better quality services and facilities as well.

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