Types of Landlords You Might Meet!

If you have been working away from your hometown for some time, you will most definitely have seen your fair share of landlords. Especially if you have been renting properties since you were a student. Do you ever notice that the older you get, landlords tend to be a little more accommodating? Perks of adulting in a way.

There is never a “best landlord or worst landlord”, sometimes just misunderstood ones. So here is just a walk down memory lane of the many types of landlords you may have encountered.



Yes, this landlord would like to know where your ancestors came from to what you ate just now. They are super cautious of any new tenant to the house. So be prepared to have a pre-interview, with questions if you have a special friend that may drop by occasionally.

Landlords who do extra screen checks aren’t busy bodies, they are just making sure they know you beforehand. Not only that, chances are if they have existing tenants, they would like to make sure you have the same vibe to fit in.

So, don’t be to harsh on the FBI type landlord, they mean well!


The Magician

This one is usually the trickiest one to deal with because to even see them in person is a miracle. They usually appear when your rent is due but call them for a faulty fan to fix, chances are, they can’t be reached.

They sometimes even reply probably a week late that makes you wonder if they know you exist. They are indeed an unusual kind of landlord and will leave you to your devices. Even if they do, don’t forget you are responsible to the condition of the property.

So, don’t throw too many house parties that may ruin the furniture. Think of it like your landlord has 100% trust in you and is okay to not micro manage you all day.

gossip people

The Gossip Type

Chances are if you have rented a property near a suburban area, you will have encountered the gossip landlord.

They know everyone on the street and they know when and where people go on holidays.

They know which cat belongs to who and which kid graduated from which uni. They are a walking encyclopaedia of the whole neighbourhood. Which is handy because they will tell you which neighbour hates you parking at their area. However, be careful not to be the topic of the gossip landlord’s topics.

Best strategy is to be super polite as much as you can. You don’t have to be detailed that you have a hangover because you will be known as party animal forever. Also, to not be part of the gossip, don’t share the gossip.

Yes, be the neutral party as much as you can. Nod and say okay, if you can’t get away from it.

If you got that sorted, you are good to go with the gossip landlord.


The MacGyver

If you are a total sad case when it comes to fixing things, this landlord can be your hero or your worst nightmare. If you have a real handy man as a landlord, chances are you will never have to worry about a faulty door. They will fix it in less than 10minutes and won’t expect you to pay any additional cost if you may have broken the door. That is if you are lucky of course.

They try their best to make sure anything you complain about will be fix and sorted as soon as they can. The cons of this landlord is, if you get one who tries to do things they may not be a pro at.

Yes, DIY renovations with no proper planning may cause you a lot of problems. If you get one who procrastinates there is also a chance of being bothered late at night till the job is done.

Don’t worry though, they mean well, and they really do care that the home is in tip-top condition. Always say thank you if they do help and if you see they are having a tough time finishing up a task, ask if you can help. Chip in if you must, the property is a place you call home too after all.

The Private Investigator

You seem to notice some of the items in the living room are arranged differently. The books are off a little, the chair is not where it was. Things have moved around since you left the house for work. Before you think you are living with a poltergeist, give your landlord a buzz if he was in the house to check up on the house. Chances are they will say they were around the neighbourhood and wanted to just drop by.

Don’t be alarmed, they are just making sure the property is still okay. It is normal for first time landlords to be a little protective of their property because it is like their baby in a way. So put yourself in their shoes before getting annoyed.

However, if it bothers you over time, try talking to them that you would like it if they let you know when pop by. Honesty is the best policy and chances are they wouldn’t be to hurt by the request. Just make sure you be clear and polite that you have been taking excellent care of the property, hence it would be nice for them to inform you if they want to check up on the place.


Regardless of which landlord you get, remember to always be nice. That is a sure way to win anyone’s heart. If you want an even cooler way to connect with your landlord, try SPEEDHOME. It is an app that finds you the best places to rent, ZERO deposit needed, and you get to linkup with the prospective landlord in an instant. With SPEEDHOME’s super easy to use messenger, you won’t have to worry about getting a quick reply.

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