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Unemployment rate spike, thousands apply for a few positions in a startup

After the movement control order lifted, the unemployment rate climbed, a large number of young jobseekers turned to start-up companies to find jobs, nearly 1400 people applied for SPEEDHOME 3 customer service positions.

SPEEDHOME internal data shows that only in May this year, the company received nearly 1,407 job applications, applying for the company’s sales and customer service positions.

Most applicants seek jobs through online job search platforms. Up to 70% of applicants have work experience, including many customer service employees from well-known online travel platforms. Most of the reasons for their departure from their last job were laid off by their own company.

Despite the intense competition, the salary requirements for job seekers have not been reduced. Those without work experience require a salary of between RM2200 and RM2500 ringgits and those with experience range from RM3000 to RM3300.

SPEEDHOME’s HR department said that to find a right candidate from a large number of job applications, in the first stage they will screen the applicant’s with their resume, if they can’t explain their past experience and the relevance of the current job, basically they will be screened out in the first round.

In addition, some applicants did not clearly specify the basic information and demanded excessive salary, which was also one of the top reasons for the rejection of the interview list. Before they enter the first round of interviews, SPEEDHOME will let applicants take a written test to assess their language and other comprehensive abilities.

Job application Tips

After interviewing nearly 2,000 people, SPEEDHOME has several suggestions for job seekers.

1. Research the company before you go to the interview

Some job seekers have put up many resumes in order to improve their job search chances, but they are not prepared for the interview. Even the most basic business of the company comes for an interview. They can’t answer the simple question from the interviewer. It is recommended that the employee must do the research, at least google the company’s basic information online, to understand the company’s core business, and explain in the interview why he is suitable for the position.

2. Salary requirements should be reasonable

Many job search websites have listed basic salaries for different job categories, but there are still some job seekers who have no experience and require an excessive salary. There is no other experience to prove their performance. Such people will still be eliminated.

3. No need to be overly nervous, practice many times before the interview

Some job seekers interview due to excessive tension during the interview process. If your interview is a job that has to face the client, the stress of over-reading will be greatly reduced in front of the interviewer. Before the interview, list some questions that the interviewer may ask. Practice in advance so that you don’t feel too nervous.

4. Don’t criticize your previous company

Most of the interviewees left the previous company because of some personal reasons and maybe they are not happy with their previous management, but you don’t need to criticize too much.If you do so, It made you look unprofessional and too emotional. Generally, companies will not welcome this type of employee.

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