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Upfront Deposit Isn’t That Safe Anymore

The reason why, as a landlord, you’d ask for a deposit is for financial security. There’s no telling when damage, theft or disappearing tenant will happen. So the huge sum of cash should be able to cover all the damages, right?


Because deposits can’t cover every steep financial issue that comes crashing down. You have to remember that your sink, couch, TV, fridge and everything else inside are worth more than just the deposit.

You’re trusting strangers to take care of these items you’ve bought with hard-earned money. If you found good tenants that are nothing but sweet and gentle, you’re among the lucky landlords. However, what if you’re stuck with a tenant from hell?

Is 3 months deposit really enough?

Say your monthly rental is RM1000. And you asked for 3 months rental deposit. That’s RM3000 for you to ensure everything will remain as it is by the time your tenant leaves. Imagine unpaid bills. That’d amount to at least RM500.

Now think of broken appliances that need to be replaced. RM1000 easily out the deposit money for 1 item. Chipped wall? Is the sink broken off the wall? Time to find the house renovator to seal and paint everything again.

So what are you left with when everything’s in chaos? No tenant, no profit made, no safety net to fall back to. So why are you still holding onto the thought that deposits can save your property?

There is a better way to secure your property: Landlord Rental Protection Plan. A Landlord Rental Protection Plan that will protect you from unpaid rentals, unpaid bills, stolen items, and broken property is worth more than 3 months deposit.

SPEEDHOME will protect you for up to RM72,000

We believe every rental agreement should come with Landlord Rental Protection Plan as the cherry on top. Forget cold, hard cash that cannot multiply in your hands. What you want is wholesome protection that you know will work to your advantage.

Together with Allianz, SPEEDHOME offers up to RM72,000 protection net during the tenancy, covering up to 2 months’ rental loss, inconvenience benefits and more! For further information, click here.

Stop using deposits as the safety net and let Allianz and SPEEDHOME take care of it for you.

Curious about the Landlord Rental Protection Plan? Give us a call at 0187777650. You can also email us at [email protected]. Get protected today!

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