Viral For the Wrong Reasons: Sexism again?!

Recently, the owner of local lingerie brand Le Maream Lingerie found herself criticized by local netizens after stating some odd… things, to say the least.

…Like that.

It hasn’t been long since an IMU student sparked a huge backlash with his sexist comment on local actress Emily Kong’s death back in March. To recap, the student remarked that women should always leave the pub with a guy for protection and in return give him “makeout or sex”.

Umirah, the founder of the local lingerie brand, commented that:

“We can’t put 100% of the blame on our husband for watching porn. Actually, the blame is on ourselves. We (females) did not help them satisfy their needs. Although not 100%, but at least 30% to 50% of the responsibility is ours to help him.”

According to her, women are meant to satisfy their husband’s needs frequently such that they don’t watch porn. In addition, she further elaborated with an example of a grandfather raping his grandchild. (Seriously?)

“Based on my first impression, for example, a grandpa raping his grandchild – I wouldn’t be able to place 100% of the blame on the grandpa.

Maybe the grandpa is married to a grandma and the grandma isn’t like how she used to be (when she was younger) So the grandpa is only satisfying his “nafsu” by watching porn.”

Umirah, the founder has since spoken out and apologized for her remarks. Still, some netizens aren’t convinced by her apology.

As for us here at SPEEDHOME, we firmly disagree with her comments. A relationship doesn’t just run on sex nor do women have an obligation to cater to their partner 24/7. A relationship is a two-way street, which both parties give and take equally.

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