We Feel You! Landlords!

Being a landlord isn’t easy! Not to mention being a Relaxing Landlord! Have you noticed that it will never be a Two-way relationship between landlord and tenant but Three-way (Including Rental Agent). So, whatever you want to do, you have to go through one unfamiliar person to reach your tenant! Now! Here are the 3 main problems every landlord would’ve faced! See if you encounter any of these!

1.Large amount of cash flying off to rental agent

Let’s start off with the first, it’s already a huge investment made on the house. Still, you got to pay your rental agent. “How I wish I can find the tenants myself”, a thought that must have come across your mind before. It’s understandable and sorrowful to share the saving you’ve made effort to earn for a long time! All of a sudden, part of your profit has gone to other’s pocket.

2.Waiting, waiting and still waiting

Next up! Patience is a good virtue, don’t you agree? But! Being patient to wait for the reply of tenant would be real frustrating! It takes lots of time to wait for the potential tenant to think it over. They might take a week, a month or worst a year to get back to you. Your patience seems to be trained well after becoming a landlord as you need to wait for replies constantly.

3.An Unknown Tenant

Most of the time, you will feel insecure about not knowing who the tenant is because they aren’t dealing with you directly. What if you rent out a house to a House Wrecker who tends to tear your home apart? Who knows? You don’t even meet them face to face. This feeling will haunt you till the end of the contract since you don’t get to know them better. You might be afraid of losing your house one day because they’ll probably burn your house down!

Still thinking landlord is an easy job to do? Huh? Bear in mind that it will never be easy to be a landlord. BUT!  You’re in LUCK! We got all the property rentals landlords’ solutions to these problems! To find out more click here


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