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We turn down 119 applicants per job vacancy. Hiring mind-blowing talents only!

Just like many other Startups, SPEEDHOME always hungry to get more talent. SPEEDHOME CEO Wong Whei Meng said, ordinary people belong to ordinary companies, that’s why we are always looking for the “mindblown” staff.

Over the past years, SPEEDHOME headcount increased by 200%, from a headcount of 20 headcounts increase to over 60. This also showed how fast the company has grown in 2019.

SPEEDHOME Hiring Process

Fatin, Human Resource Manager of  SPEEDHOME explained the company hiring process 

“First, We will send out a hire select test to the candidates, only those who complete and pass the hire select test we will call them within 24 hours. ”

Fatin Said Current Job Market is quite tough for fresh graduate job seekers, as the degree holder increase year by year, but the white-collar job hasn’t increased and has remained stagnant.

The chance to work in SPEEDHOME Is 1 of 120!!!

“Recently we’ve received more than 120 job applications per position, half of them make it to the interview session.   ”    

Fatin explained the main reason that SPEEDHOME has so many applications is due do the company welfare and salary being considerably higher than the average industry and employees are very much rewarded for what they put in. We provide something very special compared to the average start up.

What makes SPEEDHOME different from other startup?

SPEEDHOME says no to the norm and status quo. The company is very flexible when it comes to having a strict dress code or hierarchy management system. If you see a man walking around in shorts and sandals, the chances are that is our very own CEO and boss, Wong Whei Meng!

Secondly, SPEEDHOME believes everyone should have the chance to share their ideas and thoughts. Whether you are an intern or department head, your opinions will be listened to and valued by the team and even CEO

In addition to that, studies have shown that long working hours lead to a reduction in morale, motivation, and productivity. So SPEEDHOME follows a very popular schedule of 7 hours working time and 1 hour lunch-time. 

Besides that the company also allows staff to work from home like Fatin said, this company culture and concept more like an American style, rather than a Malaysia company. The company trusts the staff that they’ve hired, so employees are highly independent and self-disciplined

The four Key Value of the company.

In SPEEDHOME they have 4 Value pillar, which is are the bellow:


SPEEDHOME’s aim is the build a renting house experience as well as move in a 6 stars hotel. To achieve this goal, there is an absolute need to do something outstanding! The world that CEO Wong Whei Meng always mentions “mind-blow your customers, do something beyond their expectations”. 


SPEEDHOME is one of the very few companies that puts fun as the company core value, the fun value represents the very fun working environment. Through having a happy workforce the company achieved an impossible mission, pushing the sales growth to 100% in just 6 months. “If we continue not hitting the target there is no fun at all.” Whei Meng added.


SPEEDHOME has built the first non-discrimination rental market, whilst implementing own equality within the workplace. You’ll even notice in our employment ads that we actively employ people of different races, nationalities, age and those within the LGBT community. Everyone who can prove they have the capability and attitude to work within SPEEDHOME will ensure they will be treated equally.

Do the right things

Do the right thing, means that employees should make the right decision based on what’s right, what will benefit the company, even if it’s not the easiest or fastest action. A prime example of this would be if an employee sees their superior doing something that is against the company standard, they should speak up and take action. Although he/she may feel the pressure from their supervisor, as long as you do the right thing, the company will always give them the support.    

Top 5 tips for the future job interviewee

After interviewing hundreds of candidates, Fatin has created 5 top tips for the Job candidate.

Don’t Be Late

Punctuality is the basic requirement for a job interviewee, in SPEEDHOME candidate that be late will automatically lose their interview opportunity, unless they have a very solid reason.We are a fun and flexible company, but when it comes to punctuality SPEEDHOME, will be more strict than your school principal. 

Enough of preparation

Some of the interviewees don’t even bother to conduct prior research regarding the position that they want to apply for. Instead, they just walk in the company and hope that their interview officer is as kind as the Cinderella’s godmother, will provide everything that they need. This is certainly not the case!

Be confident

Yes, some people will feel so nervous during their first interview, but if you too nervous and can’t address yourself properly, you can’t blame the HR for not furthering your application. Especially in the startup company, every day there is a new challenge waiting for you and if a person cannot handle the challenges, then maybe they are not suitable for the company.

Be more communicative 

You need to learn how to promote yourself, especially when you are interviewing with certain sales or customer service related positions. Being a communicative person doesn’t mean that you need to talk a lot, you need to listen to the question carefully and address it in the right way. 

Don’t lie on your resume

There are even some candidates that want to give a good impression in front of the interviewing officer, and they ask their friend to help. This is a problem when you are going to the interview, the officer will ask every detail on your resume and if you can’t explain it properly, you may well have lost the trust of the officer and the opportunity.

Skip the horrible morning rush by moving closer to your new workplace.

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