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Why Attend SPEEDHOME Webinar

We aren’t just a rental property platform, but we want to be a part of your successful property investment buddy that helps you to maximize your rental ROI by providing you with the best services we could offer and assist you in surviving during this challenging time.


16 December 2020, 11 am (English Session)

Ser Liang

Project Strategic Specialist of SPEEDHOME

Increase Rental ROI In Competitive Property Market Using the Strategic Alternatives with SPEEDRENO

Keep yourself updated with the latest property market development and how SPEEDRENO can maximize your rental ROI in the current competitive market.

In this session, you can expect to learn more about:

1) What is SPEEDRENO?

2) Unfurnished vs furnished unit. Is it really worth it to rent a furnished rental unit?

3) How to ‘spy’ on other properties to calculate risk in going fully furnished?

4) How SPEEDRENO become the product that no property investors wanna miss out

23 December 2020, 11 am (English session)

Managing Tenant Eviction For Landlords with Overstay Cash Defender (OCD)

Exclusive for new SPEEDHOME Landlords or homeowners that are still in two minds to try SPEEDHOME services to rent out your houses. This webinar is specially dedicated to you as we are going to explain how you can boost your rental ROI without the fear of losing your asset values to the tenants.

We’ll address these best practices in this session such as:

  1. What is SPEEDHOME and how we help you protect your rental property up to RM42k
  2. How to still earn your monthly rental income even if your tenants refuse to move out of your house
  3. How to evict your tenant legally with less to ZERO cost in SPEEDHOME
  4. Why SPEEDHOME is great for landlords and good for your tenants

Poh Boon Yow

Property Marketing Consultant SPEEDHOME

30 December 2020, 11 am (Malay Session)

Zulaickha Zainaldin

Eksekutif Pemasaran Hartanah SPEEDHOME

Sewa Bergaya Tanpa Serabut Kepala dengan SPEEDHOME

Khas untuk pengguna baru SPEEDHOME atau pemilik rumah yang masih dilema untuk menyewakan sewaan kediaman anda dengan kami. Sertai webinar ini untuk tambah pengetahuan tentang bagaimana SPEEDHOME dapat bantu tuan rumah sewa rumah tanpa serabut kepala.

Antara tips dan ilmu yang bakal dikongsikan adalah:

  1. Apa itu SPEEDHOME dan bagaimana kami menjamin hartanah anda dilindungi sehingga RM42k
  2. Cara 100% berkesan dapatkan pendapatan sewa bulanan anda walaupun penyewa anda enggan berpindah keluar dari rumah
  3. Cara mengusir penyewa anda secara sah dengan kos yang kurang atau tiada kos langsung dari SPEEDHOME
  4. Mengapa SPEEDHOME adalah solusi terbaik untuk tuan rumah tingkatkan ROI sewa.

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16, 23 & 30 December 2020
11 am - 12 pm


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