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Tenant Renovation Without Permission – Landlord Story

Tenant renovation without permission. A recent google search by our team discovered a bizarre story where a tenant (Bill) had chosen to renovate a property by adding additional partitions in a house rented without the permission of the landlord.

House Renovations Should be Done By The Landlord

House Renovations Should be Done By The Landlord

Any house renovations should be done by the landlord, but what happens if a tenant makes changes to the rental property?
A decent lease agreement should include text prohibiting tenants from making changes to the property, and if they do, they must return it to its original state when they move out.

For most tenants, this entails removing and replacing blinds and drapes, updating cabinet hardware, and installing kid safety latches on kitchen cabinets, among other things. In general, tenants have no issue returning items to their original form when they move, and landlords are normally unconcerned with such minor alterations.

However, some tenants go a step further and begin making permanent home renovations to the property, resulting in a slew of broken lease agreement provisions and breached limits.

Renter Renovating Existing Property

Tenant Renovation Without Permission - Renter Renovating Existing Property

This was the case with a tenant named Bill who took it upon himself to do alterations for a property that did not belong to him.

Bill had created 3 additional rooms by renovating the existing property with plaster walls. Bill had done this in an attempt to sublet the property in order to garner additional rent for himself. Not before long, Bill was running a successful business where he not only managed to cover his existing rental but was profiting at the expense of the owner (Mr.Tan).

Mr. Tan in a routine inspection of the property had discovered this renovation was performed without his permission and he immediately took action.

Are you curious to find out what Mr.Tan did? Tune in next week to find out.

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