What You Need To Do To Proceed with Renting a Unit on SPEEDHOME

So you met the landlord, went for the viewing, absolutely love the house and want to proceed with the rental. The first thing you need to do if you want to proceed is to inform us via the SPEEDHOME chat and we will provide you with links that will direct you to what you need to provide. Here are the things included in the next step: 

What You Need To Provide

We know you’re excited to move into your new home, please be reminded that every house is on a first-come, first-serve basis on SPEEDHOME thus we advise you to proceed with these steps within the next 72 hours to secure the house!

  1. Make an RM500 payment for the booking fee (to be deducted from full payment).
  2. Submit your documents for the Zero Deposit eligibility checking. Documents required are as follows:

For Malaysians:

  1. IC copy (front and back)
  2. Employment offer letter (worker) 
  3. University offer letter* (student)
  4. Valid student ID card* (student)
  5. 1-month payslip (worker)
  6. Company SSM Cert (business)
  7. Latest 3 months’ bank statements – PDF
  8. Psychometric Test

For Foreigners:

  1. Passport copy*
  2. VISA copy*
  3. Employment offer letter* (worker)
  4. University offer letter* (student) 
  5. Valid student ID card* (student)
  6. 1-month payslip (worker)
  7. Latest 3 months’ bank statements – PDF
  8. Psychometric Test

*The documents that need to be submitted above need to be certified by the commissioner of oath (business owners) or Certified True Copy by your university (students).

Mandatory: Business owners and foreign students will be required to submit their documents through pre document collection before proceeding with a viewing. This will allow some time for SPEEDHOME to process the documents to avoid a long waiting time and to ensure you can enjoy a faster zero deposit rental.

Please refer to Zero Deposit Eligibility Check Documents to further see what documents you need to submit.  You can refer to our Booking Fee blog to understand more about how we will utilise your booking fee.

What Happens Next

Once we receive your documents and booking fee payment, we will conduct a Zero Deposit eligibility check to ensure you qualify for the rent. You will get the result within 24-hour and if you pass the eligibility checking we will inform the landlord to proceed with the digital tenancy agreement under your name via SPEEDMANAGE.

After the digital tenancy agreement is drafted, the tenant is to sign an agreement and make the balance payment of 1 month’s rental plus the Speedsign fee of RM399 and 6% SST

After you sign the agreement, the landlord will proceed to sign the digital tenancy agreement and then make the arrangement to pass the key to you. After all the steps have been completed and under SPEEDHOME’s consent, you will get a call for key collection. Please note that the Zero Deposit rental only applies for rental from RM500 to RM5,000 only. 

The booking fee is non-refundable if you cancel the deal after 24 hours of booking payment is made. The booking fee is only refundable if you fail the Zero Deposit eligibility check. You are also required to submit all the documentation for the Zero Deposit eligibility check within 5 days. Failing to do so will lead to forfeiting your booking fee.

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