Why rental agreement is important for landlord

Last Tuesday, we shared a story of Bill, an errant tenant, who renovated the property of his landlord in order to create additional rooms so he could sublet them to other tenants. Business was so profitable for Bill that he managed to not only cover his rental and was profiting at the expense of his landlord Mr. Tan.

However Bill’s business was discovered in a routine inspection by Mr. Tan. Fortunately for Mr.Tan, a rental agreement that had been earlier drawn out had provided for this clause.

Mr Tan had then issued a warning letter to Bill requesting that measures be taken to restore the property to its original state or legal action would be taken against Bill.

Under the threat of law, Bill decided that the best course of action would be to adhere to Mr Tan’s wishes and had reimbursed Mr. Tan for the damages that were made to the property.

Rental agreements are an integral part of any rental contract and can serve to protect the interests of landlords in the event of any violation. Landlords can personalize their agreements with the help of a lawyer and this can help protect their interests.

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